Vote Brouhaha 2008!

Well, I’ve been trying for a couple of years now to become rich and famous. However, the knitting blog/foodie/rant thing is not leading to the big cash grab that I had hoped.

So, I’m going to take another tack. I’ve decided to run for President of the United States.

That’s right.

“President Brouhaha” has a nice ring to it, no? (I actually prefer “The Right Honourable Brouhaha” but I figure the perqs and benefits are better with the top gig south of the border).

And I think JJ would make a stunning First Man, don’t you?

Besides, if Paris Hilton can do it… so can I!!!

I mean, what does SHE…

…have that I don’t have to electrify an entire nation?

Yeah yeah yeah… huge breasts, blonde hair, and billions of dollars. Not to mention a folding lawn lounger. I know, I know. But surely that kind of thing is passe, no?!?

And besides, anyone can become a blonde:

Hey, do you think Paris was born with that colour of hair? Come on. If you’re that gullible, can I count on your vote in November? Because I’m, like, you know, ready to lead too, eh?!

Oh, that reminds me. Oops. I forgot that I’m not an American citizen -so I guess I can’t run for prez after all.

So much for that bright idea. I guess it’s back to the day job now.

Happy Thursday!


12 thoughts on “Vote Brouhaha 2008!

  1. Barb says:

    Yeah, Prez Brouhaha! You would probably do better than anything/anyone else running!!! lol

    Paris Hilton…a complete bimbo. What is the fascination with her? She’s an airhead! But she does some naughty thing and guys are suckers for that!

  2. Soo says:

    I’d vote for you. If, you know, I could vote in an American election. But apart from that minor technicality you have my support. (Although I make it a point never to donate to any political party or candidate.)(So apart from actually voting for you, or providing financial support I’m there for you.)

    (Errrrr…I should mention I’m afraid of dogs so I won’t do any door to door campaigning either.)

  3. clarabelle says:

    Go, Brouhaha!

    You’d be guaranteed to get the female vote, the JJ vote, the blonde wig vote, and the totally bonkers vote (the totally bonkers vote being the decider)!

    Hope your new job is going well, hen!?


  4. Linnea says:

    I’d vote for you. Well, actually, I dunno, we haven’t had a lengthy chat about economics or foreign policy. But you could at least borrow one of our lounge chairs. Even if they are wood and not really that loungy. They’re good for smoking and beer-drinking, and surely that counts for something.

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