cartoon research and who comes here anyway?

Now that I have a brand spanking new job back with the Tenant Advocates, I’ve been doing some high-end legal research. Here are some of the results:

The more things change…. I figured JJ would like that one too, because of the puir wee scottish tenant wearin the kilt. That should be guid for a full scale “bloody English” rant! Heh heh.

Here’s a more modern depiction of The Landlord, just to be fair:

Yeah, OK, landlord – now, can you replace my 20 year old stove and 25 year old fridge, do you think?!

And then of course there are those situations dealing with luxury rental accommodations:


I’m depressed now, so I’d best get back to my real job. But before I do… something that has been plaguing me. I must admit I’m very curious to know how many people read this blog for some reason. In my brain, I have it at a dozen people or so – but I think there are a few more than that.

Anyway, I thought a poll would be a safe way for people to let me know whether they read or not, and still keep lurking. So, if you wouldn’t mind, would you just take a moment and answer the poll below? I can’t find out who you are, but I may get to learn that it is actually a baker’s dozen who read the blog, which would make me happy (my standards are rather low).

So, many thanks in advance. I wish I could promise all respondents a prize… but then again, I won’t know who you are. So, I’m off the hook. ($#*$&@$#*&#* lawyers, eh?!)

Happy Wednesday!


7 thoughts on “cartoon research and who comes here anyway?

  1. kelly says:

    I originally came because of the knitting but I stayed because it is well-written and amusing. I like the range of things you blog about — I never know what I’m going to read about, but I know whatever it is you will have something interesting to say about it and go the extra mile to supply visual supporting content. I am continually amazed that you can keep it going…(please do, thanks).

  2. Barb says:

    Your blog is the only one I really enjoy. You make me laugh out loud when others just piss me off.These other gals are too damn serious about themselves. At least I learn something from your blog, too! I still want some apricot bread….

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