FREE Designs/Tutorials

Please find below some of my designs and tutorials. I hope you enjoy them. They are all free, but I’d love a photo of anything you make using them – please feel free to Email me any time at BespokeByBrouhaha at gmail dot com.

A gallery of some of my knits can be found here.

A gallery of some of my crafts can be found here.


1. Shazam!

A great beginner’s lace pattern – but the beading adds enough interest for more experienced lace knitters too. Also – a one or two skein project, depending upon the yarn chosen – less than 300 metres. And it sparkles!

2. Valley of the Beads

A slinky, sexy and quick knit featuring a Moebius style top and lots of beads. Easy, too! Knit completely in the round aside from the shoulder straps.

3. How to Make Your Very Own Straitjacket

(see also: Fit to be Tied: a 21st Century Straitjacket)

A fabulous and fun top with neckties. Quick to make!

4. Brouhaha’s Guide to Frogging Without Tears

Don’t let the frogman get you down!

5. Bicraftual Bliss (published at WhipUp)

How to combine two craft interests and come up with fabulous future heirlooms!

6. Freeforming your notion of public craft (published at WhipUp)

My take on crafting in public.

7. How to do the Snake Mambo (a step chart)

No photos, sorry. I tried but the camera broke. Really.


Interested in some of my other work?
You’ll find a gallery of some of my knits here.

You’ll find a gallery of some of my crafts here.

Interested in updates? Just grab the feed here!

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