Gallery – Knits

This is a gallery of just some of my knits.

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Welcome to my knitting page! Here’s a sampler of my work…

Icarus (Handmaiden Lace Silk and Kidsilk Haze)

Valley of the Beads (Svale of Danegarn)

Wham! (Cotton Fleece)

Shazam! (Handmaiden Silken)

April Showers (Fleece Artist Italian Silk)

Cumulus (Rowan Kidsilk Night)

Tuscany the Second (Rosarios Bamboo)

Savannah/Secret of the Stole II (Malabrigo laceweight)

Storm Water Scarf (Handmaiden Sea Silk)

Tuscany (Handmaiden Silken)

Stormy Weather (Handmaiden Camelspin)

The Perfect Dress (Romni Linen)

Swallowtail Shawl (Handmaiden Mini Maiden)

Nina Shawl (Butterfly Super 10)

Crazed Harlequin Dress (Berocco Suede)

Rainbow Dress (various yarns)

Montego Bay Tunic (Handmaiden Sea Silk)

Montego Bay Scarf (Handmaiden Sea Silk)

River Rock Scarf (Handmaiden Silken)

Intoxicating (SWTC Bamboo and SWTC Oasis)

Curve of Pursuit (Paton’s Decor)

Funky Pinwheel Blankie (Super 10)

Gaia (Handmaiden Silk Spun)


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