Shades of pink

WARNING: the “pink” in the title does not refer to a yarn colour as you might think. Rather, it reflects the political slant of the following links. If you are easily offended by leftism, or if you are a humourless leftie, consider yourself warned.

This is a mishmash of stuff, kind of like my brain, really. Oh well. Enjoy!

Landlord! a comic strip (to see all pages, click here)

Other landlord related links:

Money Money Money…

Modern Feudalism: a project in progress

Feudalism in Action

How to make an anti-lawsuit!

Fit to be Tied!

A woman’s work is never done

Stroll to Work, Part I: a “condo”mation of Toronto

Stroll to Work, Part II: a “condo”mnation continued…

Stroll to Work, part III

Memories of Hallowe’en, brought to you by…

The Prime Minister suing for libel?!?!

Fearmongering, Gloom and Doom – brought to you by CTV!

Budget 2008 – and Jimbo’s Shoes!



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