Homely Arts: Cooking and Cleaning

As you might well imagine, I am not the most domestically minded person in the world (aside, of course, from the traditional fibre arts). Here are some chronicles of my adventures and misadventures in the realm of the housewifely arts – you can spare a thought to my poor beleauguered partners over the years.

1. Rubbing salt in my wounds…

2. Helpmeetly Duties in the 21st Century

3. I vant to be alone…

4. The Two Solitudes of the Brouhaha Realm

5. Brouhaha makes preserves (just call me Martha!)

6. Perogies

7. I wish I could be a hausfrau…

8. Was ist “Romertopf”?!?

9. Don’ts for Wives (aka How to Cater to your Husband)

10. Desperation Lamb Chili

11. Quick Fix Tortellini Soup

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