About me (bio and more)

The All Seeing Visionary Madame Xina
Xina Brouhaha is a craft-daft hyphenated canadian boygirl who lives and crafts near a forest (hence a high percentage of tree pics) with Aphrodite , Daisy and Quack and their love child Bubbles. And lately there have been some new additions…

The Family Brouhaha

Those who know and love Xina are a very patient bunch – although she is fabulous, she can also be rather …  ahem … argumentative.

“In the further alternative, I submit that the household’s ‘early bedtime’ policy constitutes age discrimination and as such violates my rights under s.15 of the Charter. Consequently…”

The “hyphenated” portion of Xina’s identity is Greek. This means that her grandfather looked something like this:

However, because she was born in Canada, she tends to look more like this:

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, Xina has a rather unique take on her Greek heritage, as you can see from her take on the following Hellenic issues of importance:

The Litany of the Wiseguy

Why did the Greeks start breaking plates?

Valuable Greek Antiquities

Wherein the Glory that Was Hellas?

Friday the Guid

Not fascinated yet? Check out a very small sample of testimonials for Brouhaha:

Kristina plays well with others.

– Mrs. Trono, kindergarten teacher

Kristina has finally learned to tie her shoes.

– Mrs. Bain, grade 2 teacher

Are you sure your surname isn’t really ‘Brouhaha’?

– Mr. Smith, high school Latin teacher

Did I mention that my daughter is a lawyer?

– Merdia

Your blog is totally crazy!!!

– Merdia

You’re too much, KB.

– almost everyone who has ever had the pleasure of working with me

So, now you’re convinced. Why not check out:

For my galleries, patterns and tutorials, click here.

For my take on housewifery, click here.

To sympathise with my innocent victims, click here.

If you like pink-tinged rants about society, click here.


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