Felted Clogs!!!!

Hey!! Wait a minute!!! I just finished both pairs of Felted Clogs and already they’re walking away?

Man alive!


You're grounded!!!!

You're grounded!!!!

Ah, no… not really. You see, I like my new clogs very much – and JJ is well chuffed too. He was prancing around in them breaking them in most of yesterday evening.

After a few setbacks, the knitting of the clogs went swimmingly. Mine were slightly easier than JJ’s – I can’t decide whether that’s because I preferred my colourway to the one I picked for him, or because they were smaller. Hmm.

I highly recommend this pattern to anyone looking for fabulous slippers – it’s very clever as it incorporates a double sole. Who needs Air Soles, anyway?! And, I knitted my pair in just one evening!

JJs were men’s medium (size 11 US/Cdn), mine were size small (6 US/Cdn – quite a bit smaller than my true shoe size, so thanks to Amy for the tip to knit a size smaller than I needed.

Yarn for both was by Brown Sheep. JJs were made with two strands of Lamb’s Pride Worsted, one Turkish Olive and one Kiwi. Mine were made with Lamb’s Pride Bulky, so I only had to use one strand – the colours are Lotus Pink and Limeade.

(If you’re planning to make these and can get ahold of Lamb’s Pride Bulky, I would highly recommend it. It’s great for felting and I found it easier to work with the one strand.)

I used 9 mm needles for both.

Actually, I’m thinking of wearing mine to work tomorrow as I happen to have matching accessories:

Then again, it might be a tad hot. But they’d look really fancy at the Summit of the Tenant Advocates planned for tomorrow after work – and yes, I know it’s Monday. Is there some rule that you can’t go drinking on Mondays?

In preparation for the toll that deep fried spring rolls and copious amounts of Moosehead will inevitably take, I made sure and got my Vitamin C all day yesterday with my new favourite summer thirst quencher: salted lime drink or “Indian limeade”.

I know that might sound odd. Try it. Miles better than Gatorade or Lucozade for killing thirst. This drink originated in India and I first tried it years ago at an Indian buffet place – and loved it. However, I never actually thought to try making any myself… until I came across a recipe for it in an excellent cookbook by Sybil Kapoor called Taste. (This book is fabulous – she combines all sorts of tastes you wouldn’t even dream of mixing, to great results.)

I’m now making it in litre jugs – approximately one cup of fresh lime juice to three cups of water. Then add salt to taste (I probably put in two teaspoons per litre, but I’m addicted to salt). Chill and serve over ice. Ms Kapoor suggests grinding in some black pepper – an excellent suggestion.

So, I’m now feeling all cool, comfy and exotic with my new beverage and my fabulous clogs!

Happy Monday!


9 thoughts on “Felted Clogs!!!!

  1. Soo says:

    Felting is so cool!! I love those slippers – particularly yours. The colours are great. Who wouldn’t be happy with those on their feet?

    The lime drink sounds delish and I’ll have to try it. I love salt with sour things so I’m optimistic…

  2. Amy says:

    Yeah, I’m with Holly, if I’m drinking lime and salt, I’m going to have to have some tequila.

    Even Madeline would approve of those cozy shoes. She is visiting her other aunt right now, so she hasn’t seen hers yet.

  3. Kristina says:

    Hey all ye boozers (aside from Soo, Tracy and Haley, who were temperate)…

    Kathy: my clogs are sober… OK?!??!?!

    Amy: I’m looking forward to seeing pics of Madeline’s cosy clogs. I’ll be making at least another pair in the next couple of weeks – it’s a great pattern (and Tracy – get the pattern. You won’t be disappointed. They’re fabulous.)

    Holly – funnily enough, I almost never use the bag. But I should.

    Haley: yes, I’m fast … but don’t hold it against me. 🙂

    Soo: I wish to know what you think of the drink – WITHOUT ALCOHOL. Because I’m a temperate person and all. NOT. 🙂 But let me know what you think.


    PS. Amy… da da da da da da DA da…

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  5. Barb says:

    Those clogs are wonderful! You did such a good job and they look so comfortable…yeah, wear them to work…the tight asses will get a jolt…ha ha Great colors too!

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