I’m in arrears of rent!!!

Hey, I was out having a fun time with the Tenant Advocates yesterday evening…

…when I came home last evening to this dire message from my landlord:

Auggggh!!! I’m in arrears!!! Will they file to evict me?

Hmm… I’ve just spoken with my new in-house counsel, Gabriel.

He advised that it wouldn’t be worth their while to file to evict me, as it would cost them $150.00.

As prudent counsel, however, he did also advise that if they should file to evict me I should bring up the fact that I overpaid the previous month according to their ledger:

Gabriel did advise that, if the worst happens and they file to evict me, I can claim this $0.68 overpayment as part of a relief from forfeiture eviction (sorry – I happen to like the old language “relief from forfeiture” as it really brings home the feudal aspect of the whole thing… but I’m a bit old school that way) argument before the Landlord and Tenant Board.

However, I decided to do the wise thing and just rectify the situation by payment.

This is only because I don’t know that the Board would accept the “I’m maths challenged” argument, especially when landlord/tenant is my chosen field of legal practice.

However, I’m just a bit pissed off right now – I figure it cost the landlord more than than the $8.86 outstanding to have their staff person print this off and have another staff member hand-deliver it to my door fourteen days later. But this is why the landlords keep making money and fools like me keep paying them rent, I suppose.

Now, if I wanted some real drama, I’d skip Gabriel’s opinion and get my real legal team onto it:

It’s actually such a big legal team that they don’t all fit in one photo! Check it out!

(You will recognise JJ in front. He is the honourary security person. We need him around because people like this start creating commotions in the street by nearly running over a cyclist, then getting out of his car and nearly decking the cyclist, then when someone like me intervenes and says she’s calling the cops, gets out and calls the cops himself, parks his car in one lane on a major thoroughfare in the city at rush hour, then gets laughed at by the cops when they finally show up:

Need I say more, really?)

Anyway, even more members of my legal team:

…and still more again:

… and our glorious mascot, who is a(n) (in)famous actress and has actually been on TV!!!

So, who needs to fear The Landlord when you have all these people on your team?!?

Stay tuned… because if I ever face an eviction hearing for non-payment of rent for $8.68 outstanding, I will be calling in the media.

(And, by the way, it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. I’ve seen many clients with an eviction order for non-payment where the eviction order says the landlord owes THEM several hundred dollars. Such is the beauty of the landlord/tenant law in Ontario.)

But enough shop talk!

A very happy Tuesday to you all.




8 thoughts on “I’m in arrears of rent!!!

  1. tracyb says:

    Our mortgage company once sent us a bill for $.28 or something ridiculous like that! Hubbo called them up and informed them that it cost them more to mail the stupid envelope than was actually owed. Your people look like fun! Do they knit?

  2. Amy says:

    See, I know people like you…it’s $8.68 this month and $5.44 next month and so it it goes until you owe hundreds (or at least $100). And then the landlord raises everyone else’s rent by $100 every month to recoup the $100 that you owe and it’s just a big mess. I see how you are now. 🙂

    I started Robert’s felted clogs, I have three words for you Mal A Brigo. They had some in the store that they had felted and it was like HEAVEN!

  3. Wannietta says:

    Wonders if, according to Amy’s scenario, you would still owe the amount in arrears if they raise rents to cover it? AND, if they raise all of the rents to recoup your arreared amount (that just sounds obscene!!) if you would be entitled to some sort of commission or bonus?

  4. clarabelle says:

    I think it’s just a man-thing, Kristina! You know, ‘you owe me!’/’you used up a bit of my road!’, testosterone-fuelled, neanderthal stuff. (but luckily, there are a few of them that are okleydokley, eh!).

    Those clogs are great: I want a pair!

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