a knitting post!!

I thought I’d make an exception to my summer hours policy and post this weekend because – I’m knitting again!  And with a vengeance..

First up: the Felted Clogs (pattern by Bev Galeskas) for JJ. The knitting is finished but felting is as yet unaccomplished.  I’m a bit worried about the size…

… but hope that the felting will work its magic.  After some initial setbacks, I was so jealous of JJ happy about the pattern that I decided to make a pair for myself as well.

This, of course, entailed a trip to Knitomatic.  I was very glad to see that Haley has taken up a “Beautify our Community” project and trust she won’t mind if I reproduce her photo here:

//frayedattheedges.blogspot.com, by Haley Waxberg)

(original photo at http://frayedattheedges.blogspot.com, by Haley Waxberg)

I went into the shop and picked up this Lamb’s Pride Bulky for my own Felted Clogs:

I also spied some new Handmaiden Lace Silk but left the shop with head held high, saying “I don’t need any more Lace Silk”.  However, I made it approximately one-half block before I went back in and bought this:

Haley’s comment upon my re-entry was “Well, that was quick!”.  But I will note that I showed great forbearance indeed – I only bought one of the three skeins in this fantastic colourway.  I don’t know what it’s called, but I’m calling it “Cool Aqua”.

(And yes, I know that I said recently I wasn’t buying any more laceweight.  Oh well.)

But where was I?! Oh, yes. I also discovered a brilliant use for those carry bags they’re selling at the liquor stores in lieu of giving you plastic bags:

You know the bags?  (Maybe those of you who live in a part of the world where liquor sales are not government controlled don’t… sigh) Well, check this out!

(And if any knitters living outside Ontario want these, they cost $1.99 and I’d be glad to post you one for that price plus postage!!)

Before I started work on my own clogs, I decided to try to assuage my guilt about letting JJ’s last pair of slippers get into the poor pathetic state that they had…

So, I decided to try to re-felt them.  The holes were clearly way too big to mend with yarn and needle, so I managed to find a crochet hook…

… and attempted with my lame@$$ crochet technique to mend them.  Here is the result, pre-felting:

I’ll let you know how it comes out.  And, if it actually works, I’ll splash out for some suede slipper bottoms, which clearly I should have done in the first place.

Anyway, I’ve already finished one of my own Felted Clogs – but I’m still worried:

I’m off to the laundromat later today to try to felt these things (my building only has huge front-loading washing machines at $2.00 per wash… and Amy kindly advised that it took her eight or so rounds in her washer to shrink these puppies down! The laundromat only charges $1.10 a load and have better options on the washers.  I must really talk to my landlord about providing adequate machines for felting… sigh.)

But I’m of half a mind, actually, to leave JJs slippers as is and make some nice tricorn hats instead:

Could we start a new fashion trend?!

Happy weekend.


9 thoughts on “a knitting post!!

  1. Amy says:

    Those are some good loking slippers, I’m here to tell ya.

    That lace silk looks pretty yummy. I need to stop whining, kick it up a notch, and be a lace knitter.

  2. Linnea says:

    Oh, that bag is amazing. Do they really supply you with such wonders at a shop selling alcohol? I will be in closer touch shortly to get my hands on a few.

    I love the Lamb’s Pride colors you’ve picked out. And your shoes. (Where did you get them, and if you’re really bored of them and happen to be a size 9.5, could you just send them to me?)

  3. Batty says:

    Felting always impresses me because everything starts out so utterly enormous. But then, it fits. It’s amazing.

    And those bags rock. Perfect for Fair Isle knitting!

  4. Kathy Kathy Kathy flawless says:

    I almost missed your weekend blog post. Thank goodness I caught a glimpse of a new JJ pic or I wouldn’t have a chance to read your sparkling prose and see the pole warmers. I will send you lots and lots of money to get me one of those compartmentalized bags. Loads of money. Beaucoup de dollars. 5 bucks ought to cover it, huh?

  5. knitting-cat says:

    OOH…I want one of those bags too.

    Can you ship the the US?

    The clogs are great too. I love the colors in yours.

  6. Barb says:

    Now those bags are very useful. I will email you about them. I have never seen them down here 🙂 I guess we aren’t the smartest sheep in the flock! lol

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