Canada Day continued…

Look at these fabulous pies for Canada Day to take to Robert’s place:

I must confess that I had great assistance from the very American Amy, who, when I was whining on Email about trying to make a quiche without being able to make a crust, reminded me that Bisquick exists.

So, here’s how the cooking began.  I made up a batch of Moonblush Tomatoes courtesy of Nigella Lawson (rough idea – preheat oven to 450 F, meanwhile cut your small tomatoes in half, sprinkle over then a bit a sugar, salt and pepper and some olive oil.  Put them in the oven then turn it off and let them sit overnight.

This was the result (although I’ll confess that I added oregano):

I made two batches of these, actually, and canned the first bunch:

But back to the tart recipes.  I just added this magic ingredient:

I also made a yogourt/egg quiche mixture for the one pie, and threw in a whole bunch of parmesan cheese for the next pie.  If you want the separate recipes, do contact me!

I also made a salad to take as well… with pineapple.  I know it sounds strange.  However, one of the big TV chefs up here did it, so I thought I could manage as well.  Here’s his recipe, by the way.

It called for a couple of grilled fruits/vegetables, including pineapple:

… and onions grilled until they were caramelised and nice and sweet:

I also threw in some roasted red peppers, and used lime and lemon juice and zest instead of only the lemon called for. This was the end result:

Now, this was popular, but the pies really, really went over quite well:

I was quite happy to be at Robert’s place today with all of these food offerings, and he responded by putting my Canada Day mosaic in the pride of place:

But it seems that I can’t escape from the duckies after all.

Sigh.  But this is a photo I took from Robert’s balcony, well, well north of the waterfront:

… and here is another picture from his balcony:

Clearly it pays to live on the 19th floor facing south in Toronto.  I couldn’t myself live above floor five or so, but I’m clearly missing some great views.  Sigh.


9 thoughts on “Canada Day continued…

  1. clarabelle says:

    Yum, yummy yum! And the colours of the mosaic really show up well in that photo, K.

    (btw, I think your ‘Canada Day’ post is much better than the Yarn Harlot’s… I fancy that she copied you, yeah?)

  2. Soo says:

    The pies look delish!

    Not to make you feel bad or anything but yesterday for dinner I had pita bread and humous and a few olives. Not very festive or Canadian. And the pita bread was stale. Sigh.

  3. Sequana says:

    Those tomatos look just wonderful! You know, pie crust is so easy – I wish I were up there to spend an afternoon with you. I’d have you a Master Cruster in no time.

    Yes, the mosiac looks fab in that pic (and at his place).

  4. quazeekat says:

    Another yummy post! Love the tomato shot…makes me want to make that soon! I am very glad you had a wonderful Canada Day! Nothing like, good food, good company and good conversation!

  5. Sarah says:

    Kristina… you’re making me hungry reading your post and I’ve only got a few soda crackers in my desk drawer snack stash. 😦

    The “Canada Day” mosaic is absolutely gorgeous!!! You’ve outdone yourself again!

  6. Delica says:

    Everything look yummy! Have you ever tried the Pillsbury premade crusts? I keep one in my freezer whenever the pie-making mood strikes. I’ve done the Bisquick crust as well – really good for pot pies.

  7. Kathyararious says:

    1. Premade pie crusts that you unroll = salvation, off-brands are fine, too, in my experience. Not crappy. In the grocer’s dairy case–not frozen. Delica must freeze them when she gets home.
    2. Michigander.
    3. 450 degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius? Yes, I know 450 d. C. is very hot, but so is 450 degrees F.
    4. If I were there I’d have a hard time not eating up the lovely food.
    5. I’ve heard talk here of trying to change the melting pot image to a tossed salad image in which each ingredient maintains its character.
    6. Have you heard of Re-Mix Shoes? It’s a place in Los Angeles.

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