Canada Day continued…

Look at these fabulous pies for Canada Day to take to Robert’s place:

I must confess that I had great assistance from the very American Amy, who, when I was whining on Email about trying to make a quiche without being able to make a crust, reminded me that Bisquick exists.

So, here’s how the cooking began.  I made up a batch of Moonblush Tomatoes courtesy of Nigella Lawson (rough idea – preheat oven to 450 F, meanwhile cut your small tomatoes in half, sprinkle over then a bit a sugar, salt and pepper and some olive oil.  Put them in the oven then turn it off and let them sit overnight.

This was the result (although I’ll confess that I added oregano):

I made two batches of these, actually, and canned the first bunch:

But back to the tart recipes.  I just added this magic ingredient:

I also made a yogourt/egg quiche mixture for the one pie, and threw in a whole bunch of parmesan cheese for the next pie.  If you want the separate recipes, do contact me!

I also made a salad to take as well… with pineapple.  I know it sounds strange.  However, one of the big TV chefs up here did it, so I thought I could manage as well.  Here’s his recipe, by the way.

It called for a couple of grilled fruits/vegetables, including pineapple:

… and onions grilled until they were caramelised and nice and sweet:

I also threw in some roasted red peppers, and used lime and lemon juice and zest instead of only the lemon called for. This was the end result:

Now, this was popular, but the pies really, really went over quite well:

I was quite happy to be at Robert’s place today with all of these food offerings, and he responded by putting my Canada Day mosaic in the pride of place:

But it seems that I can’t escape from the duckies after all.

Sigh.  But this is a photo I took from Robert’s balcony, well, well north of the waterfront:

… and here is another picture from his balcony:

Clearly it pays to live on the 19th floor facing south in Toronto.  I couldn’t myself live above floor five or so, but I’m clearly missing some great views.  Sigh.