Canada Day continued…

Look at these fabulous pies for Canada Day to take to Robert’s place:

I must confess that I had great assistance from the very American Amy, who, when I was whining on Email about trying to make a quiche without being able to make a crust, reminded me that Bisquick exists.

So, here’s how the cooking began.  I made up a batch of Moonblush Tomatoes courtesy of Nigella Lawson (rough idea – preheat oven to 450 F, meanwhile cut your small tomatoes in half, sprinkle over then a bit a sugar, salt and pepper and some olive oil.  Put them in the oven then turn it off and let them sit overnight.

This was the result (although I’ll confess that I added oregano):

I made two batches of these, actually, and canned the first bunch:

But back to the tart recipes.  I just added this magic ingredient:

I also made a yogourt/egg quiche mixture for the one pie, and threw in a whole bunch of parmesan cheese for the next pie.  If you want the separate recipes, do contact me!

I also made a salad to take as well… with pineapple.  I know it sounds strange.  However, one of the big TV chefs up here did it, so I thought I could manage as well.  Here’s his recipe, by the way.

It called for a couple of grilled fruits/vegetables, including pineapple:

… and onions grilled until they were caramelised and nice and sweet:

I also threw in some roasted red peppers, and used lime and lemon juice and zest instead of only the lemon called for. This was the end result:

Now, this was popular, but the pies really, really went over quite well:

I was quite happy to be at Robert’s place today with all of these food offerings, and he responded by putting my Canada Day mosaic in the pride of place:

But it seems that I can’t escape from the duckies after all.

Sigh.  But this is a photo I took from Robert’s balcony, well, well north of the waterfront:

… and here is another picture from his balcony:

Clearly it pays to live on the 19th floor facing south in Toronto.  I couldn’t myself live above floor five or so, but I’m clearly missing some great views.  Sigh.

tallest freestanding tower in… Legoland!

Well, it’s not quite the CN Tower…

… but pretty impressive all the same.

I present to you – the world’s tallest Lego tower!!!

It was built in the Legoland Windsor theme park in the U.K. of 500,000 LEGO bricks – man, I only wish my mother would have let me have so much Lego when I was a kid!

At just under 100 feet high, it breaks the old record of 96.1 feet from August 2007 by more than three feet.

Colourful, and amusing: kind of like this Bollywood spoof of Barack Obama’s campaign that someone sent me yesterday, called Barack O’Bollywood. “Bollywood”, if you haven’t heard this term, is shorthand for a certain style of musical movies made in India, very cheesy and camp but with fab dancing. So, even if you don’t like Obama, check this out!

(I think he’s rather hot myself. Don’t tell JJ, eh?)

I’m a happy camper today because two seasons’ worth of Fry and Laurie DVDs came my way courtesy of the interlibrary loan system!

Which meant that I laughed my @$$ off all last night while watching them. I’d never seen the series before.

In case one of these guys looks familiar but you can’t place him – it’s Dr. House on the right above, and the left here:

Nice shirt, eh?

Anyway, that’s about it for me. No huge plans for the weekend… but it’s JJs PayDay, meaning large food shopping. I know you’ll be looking forward to that particular post!

Happy Friday!