tallest freestanding tower in… Legoland!

Well, it’s not quite the CN Tower…

… but pretty impressive all the same.

I present to you – the world’s tallest Lego tower!!!

It was built in the Legoland Windsor theme park in the U.K. of 500,000 LEGO bricks – man, I only wish my mother would have let me have so much Lego when I was a kid!

At just under 100 feet high, it breaks the old record of 96.1 feet from August 2007 by more than three feet.

Colourful, and amusing: kind of like this Bollywood spoof of Barack Obama’s campaign that someone sent me yesterday, called Barack O’Bollywood. “Bollywood”, if you haven’t heard this term, is shorthand for a certain style of musical movies made in India, very cheesy and camp but with fab dancing. So, even if you don’t like Obama, check this out!

(I think he’s rather hot myself. Don’t tell JJ, eh?)

I’m a happy camper today because two seasons’ worth of Fry and Laurie DVDs came my way courtesy of the interlibrary loan system!

Which meant that I laughed my @$$ off all last night while watching them. I’d never seen the series before.

In case one of these guys looks familiar but you can’t place him – it’s Dr. House on the right above, and the left here:

Nice shirt, eh?

Anyway, that’s about it for me. No huge plans for the weekend… but it’s JJs PayDay, meaning large food shopping. I know you’ll be looking forward to that particular post!

Happy Friday!


7 thoughts on “tallest freestanding tower in… Legoland!

  1. clarabelle says:

    Interesting that this took place in Windsor… do you think Princes William and Harry built it?

    I mean, no one else would be able to afford that much Lego. And I suppose it gives them something to do when they’re not nightclubbing, getting drunk and flying helicopters.

  2. Kristina says:

    Amy: I don’t think anyone actually NEEDS that amount of lego… but wouldn’t it have been fun?!?

    Clare: I think Camilla built it actually – just to piss off the Queen. LOL

  3. tracyb says:

    As a mom, I have to tell you . . . Lego hurts really bad when you step on it. Only adults should be allowed to have that much lego!

  4. Amy says:

    Tracy is right, not only do they hurt when you step on them, but they are instant death to a vaccuum cleaner.

    And yeah, it would have been fun.

  5. Susie says:

    Quite frankly I never want to see a piece of lego again……..after my experiences of it underfoot and up the vaccuum cleaner when I was child raising. Now the only things I have laying around are crochet hooks, yarns, pins, needles, knitting needles, books, beads…….and I only vaccuum when absolutely necessary……….which is not often. It might disturb the workings of my household. LOL!

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