The Forest Adventures of Brouhaha

I keep telling people I live right next door to a forest. No one believes me, given that I also live in an apartment building five minutes’ walking distance from a subway station in Toronto.

Well, here’s the proof: the view out the front entrance to my building:

I decided to venture out this evening and take some photos of the ravine. No small feat, given that I’m afraid of heights and depths.

But it was quite lovely, really:

Hard to believe there’s a major thoroughfare 50 metres away, isn’t it?

But then I spied some evidence of civilisation:

Hmm – maybe that’s why those bloody kids were whingeing outside my balcony on Saturday?!

But everything else appeared to be untouched by humans…

…until I spotted this.

Now – who would pitch a bike down a ravine, I ask you?!?

A-ha! Millionaires’ Row. Must be them. But then again, the world is their trashcan, no?

I keep having to remind myself that The Rich Ones don’t control everything. After all, check out this UFO!

(And no, this isn’t one of those ones I keep flinging off the balcony in a fit of pique. It’s the real thing. Honestly. Big lights started flashing off it but just as I raised my camera to take a photo, it vaporised.

Sigh. Now no-one will ever believe me!!)

And, just as I was about to come in, I spotted this.

The Easter Bunny, come early?! (Orthodox Easter being this Sunday)

But apparently not. No chocolates in sight. Just a rabbit, pigging out on grass.

Too blissed out by all that green, apparently, to notice the carrot right next to it!

Dumb bunny.

Happy Thursday!


11 thoughts on “The Forest Adventures of Brouhaha

  1. Amy says:

    You should have looked a little closer, you may have found a body near that bike. We have a couple of bunnies that live in our yard. I should take some pictures of them and the forest behind my house and post them.

  2. brouhahahaha says:

    Amy, I’m scared to walk down the ravine. I don’t know if the pics show it too well, but there is a drop of at least 10 metres straightaway and then probably another 30 metres. And now you mention bodies…!!! sigh.

    I’ll look forward to seeing your wildlife photos. See how easy it is to blog every day?! 🙂

  3. Christine says:

    Aww, I love buns! All we get in my neck of the woods are jackrabbits, and they’re usually pretty scraggly looking!

  4. elizabeth m says:

    Is that the ravine from Margaret Atwood’s book Cats Cradle? (I think that’s the one. Hmm. Research needed.) Anyway, it was a wooded ravine in Toronto the protagonist had to cross as a child.

    Most big cities have some deeply wooded pockets here and there, I think. If you know where to look.

  5. Susie says:

    Haaaaaaa…….it could be the bike that you had stolen! Now a lesson in transcontinental language………ready for 2009……..forest is bush in Oz language! And don’t mention rabbits…….they are the bane of our lives here. Bloody imported pests! And, no, you can’t take a Kangaroo or two home……….they breed like r……s as well and you would have an international event on your hands………you would look out your window and see them pigging out on the grass as well as the r………s! LOL!

  6. hellinateacup says:

    Susie, I don’t want any kangaroos, believe me. I can’t even deal with a cat! (although it would be pretty funny to piss off the millionaires…)

    I won’t tell you what some of the connotations for “bush” are in Canajan/Murcan. I’m sure you can guess…

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