same old ball of wax

I’ve decided that Icarus should be today’s Sunshine Girl (wonder if they still have that feature in the Sun? I know it’s not on page 3 any longer. Political correctness at its finest!)

Why? Because… I finished Chart 2!

And it only seemed to take about 2 1/5 years. Sigh.

I’m almost scared to start Chart 3 in case I end up in deepest Frogland again. Besides, this arrived in the mail quite by surprise yesterday

It is a replacement skein of yarn for part of a yarn kit I got some time back. Claudia’s laceweight silk – 1,100 metres of it! The shop which is conducting the Year of Lace 2008 knitalong unfortunately had some problems with the first batch of yarn.

I hadn’t thought I was going to get a replacement – the only problem with mine was that the colour was rubbing off the yarn quite badly. My hands looked like I had done battle with a jumbo bag of Doritos and then with two econo-packs of Hawkins cheesies. It is not an unusual look for me, as you might gather.

Anyway, isn’t the colour fabulous!? Can you see why I want to start a new project now?

But, onwards and upwards with the Icarus.

Maybe I should dip my hands in wax before starting to knit? Then again, this didn’t go all that well for the real Icarus:

(Hmm – the background colour here resembles the Claudia’s yarn, don’t you think? Is this a sign?)

Enough. Off to work to earn my yarn allowance the rent money.


8 thoughts on “same old ball of wax

  1. clarabelle says:

    Icarus is looking good, girl, especially draped over the railings of the estate (I’m having fun with ?his sister, Seraphim, btw – very easy pattern so far, no frogging to report, smug person that I am).

    The Claudia’s is a beautiful shade – I haven’t tried this yarn yet (or Handmaiden for that matter). I have two shawls on the go, and am tempted to start a third… naughty, naughty, eh!

    ps I’m intrigued to know what is printed on the ?mosaic in your heading …

  2. Christine says:

    I’ve not yet been brave enough to try Icarus. I’ve pored over the pattern a few times and need to get over my fear of chart reading. Yours is simply gorgeous though and I can’t wait to see the finished piece.

  3. brouhahahaha says:

    Clarabelle: printed on the mosaic is “freezer and microwave safe”. Which was a lie. That plate broke in the microwave which is how it turned into a mosaic in the first place. See Fiesta Chair in the mosaic gallery.

    Christine: the pattern is not all that difficult – but one has to pay attention, which is what I’m good at. Hope to have photos up next week – thanks for commenting!

    Jay: ditto – that is my balcony floor, though, so concrete not slate 🙂

  4. Soo says:

    Nice to see that sort of customer service on the crocking yarn! It is such a beautiful colour – I’m in love with mine — crocking and all.

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