Brouhaha at the flea market…

Sunday, I must say, was an amazing day in the life of Brouhaha.

First of all, proof of spring as I was leaving my apartment:

These are weeds, by the way, next to the forest near where I live. But isn’t the colour lovely?

I was headed downtown to meet my friend J for an afternoon trolling the flea market near her place. On the way, I saw this lovely item in a shop window

… and then passed yet more evidence of spring:

The fountains are on! (Actually, it’s an odd spring so far – today was 24 C/ 74 F… not complaining, let me tell you, but it’s odd – more like summer).

Anyway, I swung by and picked up J and then we headed to the St Lawrence Sunday Flea Market!

And, by the way, if you live in Toronto and have never hit this place, it’s at Front/Jarvis and it’s a complete blast. Where else can you come across great items like this:

Gotta love the butterflies!

Or, you can gaze upon beautiful glass like this:

and see novelty items like this:

(old toothpaste with some rotting teeth on top? And it’s yours for only $20!!!)

Or, blasts from the past like this:

(I thought Sinatra only had lusts, not loves. But hey… I believe everything I read in print!).

But now for a little tip from Brouhaha as to caution at fleamarkets and spending. For example, the above mag was priced at $30. Yet when one looks very closely at it, the date on the mag is … 1996. Hardly vintage.

I’m probably, mind you, a bit too cheap when I go on these outings. An example: I saw an Orthodox icon that looked somewhat like this (unfortunately couldn’t get a photo)

…except that it was all cracked and beaten up. Now, I have a very very strange attraction to old beat-up looking Orthodox iconic art…

and so I wanted the one I saw at the flea market. I couldn’t see the price tag in the back and asked J to decipher it for me. She peered at it and said “$6.50”.

I was thrilled, but then got scared because another guy came up and started playing with the doors. Then the vendor came along and took it away. I rushed up immediately and said “I’d like to buy that.”

“Really?”, he said.

I mean, I was dressed like a slob, but $6.50? Come on.

Well, of course it turned out that he actually wanted $650.00 for it.

Colour me embarrassed. I tried to give J hell for misleading me, but she felt I should have known she meant six-fifty. And, in that place, she was quite right…

But back to the main programme now. Sort of, anyway. For example, someone wanted $45 for these:

Now, if anyone knows when these big ugly glass grapes were popular, please Email me. I see them all the time at these flea markets… I can’t actually imagine anyone ever displaying them, let alone paying any serious money for them!

I was, however, tickled by this item I spotted:

And no, not Mickey – the kangaroo. This was a hopping kangaroo made by Fisher-Price. If you squeeze the little plastic bulb, it hops..

J and I (J is one of the Tenant Advocates, I should note) thought that this would be a perfect addition to our arsenal of rants against the state of the justice system. But not for $30. Sigh.

On our way out, we caught a look at this lovely glass bowl:

We did ask how much it cost (although knowing that it would be way, way too much for our bargain hunting pockets). The guy beat around the bush for about 10 minutes telling us that it was from Malta, etc. etc… then said “well, I’d have to charge you $120”. Probably not too much for the piece itself… but a wee hint to any vendors reading this: we don’t want the biography before the price. The spiel I got, I would have been turned off if he said “$10” and would feel I was being ripped off.

Anyway, I did purchase some things, hit a local patio with J for a while, got a wee suntan and came home. A perfect afternoon.

But, you ask, what did I buy?

First, a fabulous lamp:

Only $10!!!! Isn’t it fancy?

And, I discovered another relative for the Duck family:

I must thank friend J for this discovery. Obviously, I was half asleep during my travels through the flea market. I’ve decided that this is Aunt Hortense from the fancy side of the family…. stay tuned!

But friend J is also very, very evil. She introduced me today to one of her favourite glassworks people, William of Goodfellow Designs (I can’t find a web link for him – I wish I could.)

So, I had to pick up these two pendant pieces:

(This one, he told me, cracked when he was first making it. So the little gold piece in the middle was an addition after the fact. When I told him it reminded me of an evil eye, he said “Oh, a 21st century evil eye! Cool.” Indeed.)

And this one…

This photo fails the piece, and words fail me to describe it.

So, all in all it was a fantastic Sunday, and I feel like a complete

Happy Monday to you!


10 thoughts on “Brouhaha at the flea market…

  1. Holly B, Snotty, not so Mighty today says:

    Oh, they don’t have flea markets like that around these parts! You must export all your garbage to Michigan and we must send all of our fancy stuff up to you in Canada!

    I will keep an eye out for icons less than $600 for you!

    Love the Duckies sweet Auntie! Was she out on extended holiday, or rehab…

    Glad to see your snow is also melting!!

  2. clarabelle says:

    The market looks great, but like everywhere, I think, it’s very difficult to pick up a ‘bargain’ any more. Still, the lamp is brilliant!

    Well, you must have sent the spring-like weather over here, as we’ve lost our freezing east wind and drizzle and we have sun too! And mild temps! Huzzah for Spring!

  3. Sequana says:

    I love that lamp! I’m a sucker for anything with those little swirls in the design somewhere. The one that is the legs. In my younger days, I did fleas all the time and got some great stuff. I still have a lot of it around here. I hunted old English tins for a long time. I keep things like coffee and sugar and salt in them now. So pretty in the kitchen. Thx for the nice trip to yours.

    OH, I once bought what I call a Napoleon hat, you know the kind?…really wide, with a feather

    It’s on a top closet shelf now. I should get it out and figure some way to display it.

  4. brouhahahaha says:

    Hi all:

    Amy: yes, patios are good. Very, very good.

    Tracy: get your hands on the glass grapes. You could buy some Handmaiden with the proceeds!

    Clarabelle: huzzah!!!!!!

    S – I love the old English tins too but have never gotten into collecting them – space issue. Too much space taken up by yarn. The Napoleon hat – you MUST find it! How about getting a head mannequin (the foam ones are $4 or so), painting her/his face and then putting the hat on?? They sell hats like that at the law robe outfitters… no idea why, but when I went with my boss when she was buying robes, I had fun trying on all of the silly hats, of course.

  5. Susie says:

    24C and it’s like summer. Strike me pink………how hot does it get in summer in Canada? Here 36 to 40C is summer. LOL!
    Oh and the kangaroo……now I know where you can get them without having to squeeze anything! Looks like you had a great day even with the 6.50 faut pas!

  6. Sue says:

    WEEDS!! You crazy mad knitter šŸ™‚ They are spring bulbs called Chinodoxia! I just love your blog, it makes me giggle everytime…

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