treasures in springtime

I’m in quite a guid mood this morning, as I finished knitting April Showers last evening!

Now, has anyone figured out yet which pattern this stitch sequence comes from? Come on, I know a couple of you at least have knitted it.

ED. NOTE: Soo won the prize! The answer: the Hanami by Melanie Gibbons. I had posted: “I’ll sweeten the deal – whoever can tell me the name of the original pattern will get a little prize of two skeins of Noro Silk Garden and one of Noro Kureyon (perfect for whipping up a little felted hangbag or two for that special someone!). Post a comment here or Email me with the answer. A hint: the name of the pattern has less than seven letters.”

Anyway, last night was a good night all around, even though it was Laundry Night in Canada. Why? Because I found these two beauties for JJ in the laundry room in the swap pile:

Won’t he look preppy! And… Eddie Bauer to boot!

(I do hope, however, that JJ doesnae decide that the April showers shawl would match one of these two beauties perfectly. Sigh.)

I also picked up a copy of this book on the way home from work:

Holly put me onto this little gem. It’s a book that someone came up with for the sole purpose of trashing, doodling on, spilling coffee on, etc. – with instructions! Perfect for those long drawn out staff meetings.

Too bad I can’t take projects to block during the staff meetings, though:

Since I took up lace, it has never ceased to amaze me how much blocking improves the look of the finished piece. Look at the photo above, and then at this one:

Ooh ahh!

So, what is on the agenda for the weekend, you ask? Well, this, for starters:

As well as a project incorporating this in some way:

(I have been obsessed with this image ever since yesterday morning’s shower. I know… I’m very strange.)

I also hope for fair weather so that I can take April Showers here for a photo shoot:

And who knows? Maybe finally it is springtime! And if you think I’m strange, check out this example of spring fever:

Some farmer in Devon UK got the sheep to hang out in formation for this photo. Too much, eh?

Luckily I wasn’t looking at this photo AFTER tonight’s debriefing session at the pub with the Tenant Advocates: I would probably have just assumed that I was hallucinating.

Happy Friday!


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