blankies, yarn and other obsessions

Well, Bad Kristina is clearly holding the reins these days. I went AGAIN to the LYS today and bought two skeins of this Zephyr laceweight:

It’s the Ruby colourway. I simply couldn’t resist.

And… I felt vindicated when I came back to the office and checked the Globe and Mail website only to find this photo:

Isn’t the colour similar? Me and a cowardly bullfighter… lots in common!

Oh, and despite hanging out with these reprobates last night:

…I managed to make some progress on my April Showers. No pic today because the camera is at the office. But she’s getting quite big!

And – I do have some self-control after all when it comes to yarn. When I was at the LYS today, they had JUST had a shipment of Handmaiden stuff… sitting there on the floor, winking at me through a huge clear plastic bag, even (I swear to this) calling my name.

They told me that it couldn’t be sold yet as there was no price list. I was sorely tempted to pay for what I was buying, take out my huge keychain, bop the salesperson over the head and run with the yarn… but I didn’t. That earns me some kind of knitters’ medal, no?


No. I guess not. I do feel, however, that I will deserve a medal if I don’t rush back there tomorrow before the next PayDay (15 April) to check out the new Handmaiden wares. I have spent my yarn budget for the first half of the month (and probably have at least 10 km of yarn in my apartment as a result – including probably 5 km of Handmaiden products) and don’t have a credit card… so this shouldn’t be so difficult.

In other news, I’m having a difficulty finishing off my April Showers shawl. Tonight I just figured out why. The Italian Silk is so luxurious and soft…

Hard to knit when you have an adult blankie that you’re knitting, eh? (and perhaps this is the secret attraction of knitting. To think I made fun of my little brother who carried a piece of his blankie into his twenties teens…


(I did catch JJ sucking his thumb with my shawl in progress as well – but he won’t allow me to publish the pics. Oh well.)

Anyway, here is a photo of the shawl – I hope to finish it by Friday …

Stay tuned…and in the meantime run, don’t walk, to find some Fleece Artist Italian Silk!!


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