decisions, decisions…

Well, I’m in a bit of a stushie this morning, as JJ calls it.

Why? I can’t decide which project to start on next. Should it be the Muir

using Kidsilk Night:

or Phoenix Rising with Claudia Handpaints’ custom colourway “Sivia’s Hot Brick Orange”?

You can appreciate, I’m sure, what a tough choice this is. My first instinct is to go with the Muir, simply because I keep meaning to knit it but never quite get around to it.

But as I look around the house, preparing to go find the Kidsilk Night (the stash, having grown to epic proportions, is now housed in several locations throughout the apartment), I keep seeing brick orange:

Is Carmen Miranda trying to tell me something?!?

And then I spot this other piece of mine:

Hmm. And what’s this on the Globe and Mail today on the photo page?

It’s rather spooky, actually – seems as though brick orange has evolved into the only colour, taking over the world. Is this a sign?

Hey, where is that little voice coming from telling me to listen up? JJ’s at work and I’m alone here, aren’t I?

Oh. Quack has just told me that I’m being extremely selfish in even dickering over this decision, given that Phoenix Rising would go so well with his beak.

Well, that settles it – Phoenix Rising it shall be.

But hold on a minute! What about Project Purple, my top-secret design project?!

Sigh. I really must stick to my decision for once, I think. And anyone, all those brick orange must have meant something. Besides, the Phoenix Rising project has beads too!

Er… but so does Project Purple.
And orange beads to boot!

I’m so confused… well, I think I should sign off now and make my final decision.


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