lace and beads and yarn, oh my!

I feel like an Olympian goddess today!!

Why? Because yesterday I got a special delivery at the office:

The Moonshadow Yarn Kit!

The pattern for the gorgeous stole is by Sivia Harding, one of my favourite designers – and she’s Canadian!

Ellen at Earthfaire put together the kit with this absolutely gorgeous yarn:

It’s called “Leili” and is available from Kelly at The Unique Sheep. It’s a superwash merino/mohair blend and oh so soft – and WASHABLE!!! I don’t remember the last time I used washable yarn, aside from my beloved Super 10 Butterfly, of course:

But I digress. The kit also comes with these lovely crystal frosted megatama beads!

And – Ellen was kind enough to provide me with a different colourway than that used in the original kit, which, although lovely, was not quite vivid enough for me. This one is called Velvet Turquoise. The co-workers oohed and aahed over this colour yesterday when I passed it around. I actually had to yank it from one person’s hands … !

And, since one can never have enough beads… Ellen also sent me some more.

I can’t even remember what all I was going to use these for, to be quite honest. Sigh.
I’m sure I’ll sort it out at some point in the near future.

Oh, in other news: because I apparently don’t have enough of a life, I’ve been thinking about starting up another blog. Regular readers will note of late that I have been doing quite a bit of ranting about society’s ills as I view them on this blog. However, I’m not quite sure that the crafty/ranty stuff is a comfortable fit, especially as I become increasingly irritated. So – I may start something a bit different up on 1 April, which I thought a fitting date: April Fools Day and all. Stay tuned…

Now I’m off to party with my yarn work.

Man, I’d love me a couple of those hats… wouldn’t you?!

Sincerely yours,


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