A Vegan in Tuscany

… might not fare all that well food-wise, I should think, what with all that beef and cheese. However, lace-wise it might be another story…

…because… *drum roll please*…

I have finished the Vegan Tuscany!!!

This was made for my coworker/friend, W. She saw this Tuscany

and decided she wanted one for herself.

It was a bit of a challenge finding the vegan yarn as there was nothing really close to the Silken used in the other Tuscany. However, we perservered and W. found this bamboo which, I think, has worked very well!

I like the little elements of lighter blue and pink in the grey/blue base – it looks almost like little neon lights!


Pattern = Tuscany by Amy R. Singer (No Sheep for You)
Needles = 4.0mm Addi Turbo
Yarn = Rosario Bio Bamboo (100% bamboo), 110g approx (2 skeins plus part of a third)

Date Started = 18 March 2008
Date Finished = 22 March 2008
Size = 67″ across by 24″ deep (slightly larger than the first one)


– I really liked working with this bamboo. It was very soft. However, please note that if you use this it will result in a slightly weightier shawl than with the Silken.

– pattern mod: I only did 9 of the 11 lace repetitions, partly because I was getting bored and partly because by that point it was as large as my other Tuscany (on which I did 10 reps, I think).

– the pattern is quite simple and (I think) suitable for any level of lace knitting.

I won’t be able to give it to W. until next week as she is on holiday this week, though. Not quite sure why I rushed it, but she will be surprised because I told her it would take a couple or three weeks.

So, still loving the lace knitting… but starting to get in danger of not seeing the forest through the trees!

Well, that’s all she wrote – happy Tuesday and happy Greek Independence Day!

(in honour of this fine day, I’ll link you to some of my pasts posts on the wonderful world of Greek Heritage (those of you who have been reading for some time will likely have seen them already. Sorry. Too busy knitting to come up with any big brainflashes on what it means to be Greek-Canadian. I suspect you won’t lie awake about this, though).

A greek-canadian cultural odyssey

A Modern Antiquity

Valuable Greek Antiquities


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