Zombies, politicians and salty snax

Yesterday started off rather sour for me. First thing in the morning, I saw this photo and started fuming right away:

Little makes me more enervated than seeing photos of politicians making nice with one another for the cameras, in the name of charity. I mean, yes, charity is a wonderful thing but to my view it’s not meant to be used by self-aggrandising w@nkers who just want to look good to the public.

And what’s with the buddy-buddy thing?! These, after all, are the dudes who spend most days hurling abuse trading insults using unparliamentary language with one another and generally carrying on like naughty schoolboys.

(Most of the 100 or so days per year that the Parliament actually bothers to sit. I haven’t yet figured out what they do the rest of the time

Telling bedtime stories to puir wee kitties, apparently. Way to go, Steve-o.)

Anyway, Steve-o Harper, Gilles Duceppe and Jumpin’ Jack Layton flipping burgers? Donnez-moi un break.

I got so agitated by this that I had to engage in some serious midmorning meditation:

And some scheming:

And then the postman arrived… with a care package from Kalamazoo, Michigan!!!

Holly, as usual, outdid herself. Not only did I get the T-shirt I had ordered from her:
I’m now officially a member of the Zombie Prom Date Knitters club!!

Check out the spiky knitting!!! Good zombie fighting tools, no?

Yay!! No more zombies. Is that a promise?!

Not only that, but I’m an actual cardcarrying member… and President of the Toronto chapter!
That Holly sure knows the way to a boygirl’s heart. Check this stuff out:

Salty snacks! (I could have shown you the Funyons as well except that… ahem… I ate them after lunch yesterday).

And the yarn? A sample she sent me of a merino yarn called Dream in Colors (American spelling intentional) “Classy” Superwash Merino. (Ed.: American spelling intentional). Now, apparently people have been raving about this yarn being super soft, etc. And it costs $22 a skein (4oz or 113g). Well, it’s nice enough… but I really didn’t see the big difference between this and other merino yarns. And $22?!

A tad excessive, but then again so are many necessities these days:


Anyway, I could have shown you the Funyons onion snax as well, but they were gone by 3:00 p.m. yesterday.

My good mood continued into the evening, when I finished my blob shawlette…

(It looks rather rough in the photo but the blocking is shaping up. Proper pictures tomorrow!)

…and started a new project:

So, what’s this, then? A semi-design project with Fleece Artist Italian Silk. Now, there’s some ultra soft yarn!!! I think this is going to be a really good one… at least, I hope so. Stay tuned.

Happy Thursday… and don’t let the zombies get you down!


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