skirting the issue…

Just when I thought I had all the knitting books I needed and more…

This is a new one by Interweave Knits and is right up my alley. I keep being reminded that it is a very, very good thing that I don’t have a credit card, else I’d have bought this one right away.

(I have a strange sort of mental disorder which equivalates “credit card” with “free money”. (I gather I’m not alone in this, but it doesn’t make it any easier to cope with, really). I only learned about this issue when Citibank kindly sent me a pre-approved credit card many years back when I had first moved to Toronto, gone to journalism school and developed a king-sized beer habit.

A few months later, I hit bottom when I attended at the video store to rent a $4 video using the plastic and it was refused. Now, I have had many, many humiliating life experiences relating to my own stupidity… but having your card seized and cut up in front of a line of about 20 people over a four dollar purchase comes fairly near the top of that list.

I gather since then that the practice of sending out pre-approved credit cards has become illegal in Canada. This is a good thing, I think.)

Anyway, I really, really don’t need a book on skirts, given that I am still hoarding the yarn to knit this skirt, which I had initially decided I must knit last summer!

And there’s another dress design in the works (or at least, in the murky depths of my brain). Think “leftover Curlilocks”:

(Not in this colourway, alas. I’ll have to content myself with fuschia, eggplant and plum, this being a stashbuster and all…)

…and “short wedding gown”…(and no, I am not getting married. Ever. You can quote me on that. Although it would be a good excuse to register at the yarn store…hmm.)

Actually, if I were ever to tie the knot with official sanction, I’d probably wear this dress:

Or I guess I could knit another one with all that Handmaiden stash:

Having said all that, I really should be concentrating on the SOTSii:

…and not to mention the Bespoke Jacket:

Here’s my progress on that so far (the right front)…

I won’t be wearing it for a while, though, what with the “minus 15 feels like minus 30” weather these days. So no big rush, eh?

A very happy Monday to you all…


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