Secrets No Lies: 3rd clue complete!

Quack is rejoicing! Why?

I finished Clue 3 of my Secret of the Stole II today! (Daisy is continuing the party inside. It’s bloody cold!)

I decided to add some beads starting at Row 151.

I’m somewhat regretting this decision, or rather regretting having bought cheapo local beads that I can’t use my smallest crochet hook to put on. So, I’ve had to string all the beads onto the yarn.

However, I think the beads add a bit to the stole… what say you?

This represents, by the way, 430 metres (470 yards, or one full 50g hank) of Malabrigo laceweight. I wonder how many metres were actually frogged? I’m glad I’m not quite nerdy enough to keep that total – it would just be too depressing.

I guess it was worth all the frogging after all. And guess what? I didn’t make the Friday midnight deadline for the KAL… and (drumroll please) the world did not come crashing to an end! Hmm. I guess I’m just not as important as I had thought…

So, I’m all set up (touch wood) to start Clue 4, perhaps this evening. In the meantime, I started another project yesterday: the Bespoke Jacket by Libby Baker (I don’t have a photo of it…).

I’m using Knitpicks CotLin, doubled, for this jacket. I do like the look of the linen stitch so far. The original jacket called for just one colour (of Cotolino) so of course I’m going with five.

I’m actually thinking of trying to go for a Hudson Bay Company Blanket effect, just for a laugh. (Any Canadians reading this blog will no doubt be familiar with the Hudson Bay Blankets and coats). Picture this:

.. with bright (and some neon) stripes!

Or, maybe I could just steal my mother’s HBC blanket (heh!) and make myself this coat.

Great – just what I need, another project. I’d best hold off on that until I finish this…

Off for a lovely brunch with the ladies now. Happy Sunday!


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