The Brouhaha press clipping service

Sometimes I get a real kick out of looking at newspapers. Yesterday was a good day in this regard:

I mean, check out this photo here. Couldn’t they muster up just a tad more enthusiasm after winning $24.2 million?

Maybe they were posing at the same time for the passport photos in order to get the hell out of here as soon as possible?!?

(This was a photo taken the day before yesterday after the latest storm. Yes, yes, I know – it’s pretty. Just try walking $(#*&@(*$& around in it when you have to go to work… especially since no one bothers to shovel the sidewalks any more. Sheesh.)

Now, please don’t get the idea that I actually read the Toronto Sun rag. I don’t – which you might have guessed by seeing the main headline and knowing a little bit about my political views. I just saw this one in the cafeteria downstairs from my workplace. Really.

But the “Doctor Horror” banner at the top of the Sun drove me to grab the nearest copy of the Toronto Star to see what was up.

This guy, if you haven’t heard about him, is alleged to have spearheaded an international organ transplant/donation scheme where live people are paid (or mugged for) their kidneys. He was caught yesterday. This is what the Star said in part about that:

According to the Himalayan Times, Kumar and a Nepalese associate identified
as Manish Singh checked into The Hotel Wildlife Camp under Singh’s name, and
were assigned room 6 at the resort, renowned for nature safaris.

Wearing a hat and sunglasses, Kumar apparently asked for a copy of the English daily, which carried a front-page story of the global manhunt for him, then minutes later, returned it to the front desk with the article cut out.

Suspicious of such behaviour, the clerk alerted Nepalese police who stormed the room and arrested Kumar without incident. Singh, however, managed to escape.

OK. Now, just how swift was that?! I can hardly believe it (and I usually believe everything I read in newspapers…don’t you?) The guy has been on the run for years. Interpol last week did something that they almost never do… issue a directive that he should be arrested anywhere in the world that he happened to be found, jurisdictional issues notwithstanding. And what does he do… decide to add to his scrapbook!

Sheesh! I think I smell a Darwin award!

I was also tickled by a little article I saw in the Globe and Mail by Ivor Tossell called Say

No to Chain Letters. He starts off by saying:

Here’s a question for all the armchair anthropologists out there: Why do right-minded adults still forward chain letters? If ever there was a habit renowned for spreading lies, bothering friends, and making people look foolish, this is it. If ever there was an expedient way to send a little bundle of irritation to a loved one, it’s here.
Yet on and on they go: Quotes that were never spoken, anecdotes that never happened, inspirational messages so hackneyed they’ll ruin your day, and fraudulent alerts about missing children who never existed in the first place.

Indeed. Then there are all those testimonials about the virtues of V!@gr@ and derivatives that keep clogging my inbox on the work system. Of late, we’ve seen a few rather nasty and racist chain letters about Barack Obama as well, one of which someone who shall remain nameless saw the need to forward to me. Suffice it to say that I am no longer on THEIR little list!

There was also this pretty photo of some body art in the Globe:

This shot was taken at a body art competition in Kiev, Ukraine. Love the blue!

I finish with something that was actually not in the newspaper today (as you will gather) but was sent to me by my Handsome Intelligent Devoted Dependable Innovative Prince Among Men TM uncle Dennis (or it is “Cousin Dennis”? I haven’t quite been able to figure out the relationship – it’s one of those strange greek things. Oh well – he is related to me somehow, luckily for me).

Anyway, it is a photo of a Greek construction team at work:

In case your reading skills in Greek are rusty, the guy in the middle is a malakas. This is one of the few Greek words that most people seem to know – if you don’t, it literally means “wanker ” and is typically used by Greeks in place of “@$$h0le”. Heh.

Happy Saturday, and please wish me luck on the SOTSii – I am going to try to make some headway on Clue 3 today, Clue 4 just having been issued yesterday. Sigh.


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