man, do I feel unimaginative now…

Well, I was walking to the subway along Queen Street and while passing Pages, my favourite downtown bookshop, just had to get in out of the subzero temperatures for a minute… that’s my excuse anyway!

Look what I bought!

This seems to be a compilation of very innovative patterns/art knits from a mag I’d never heard of called KnitKnit. (Well, that’s just great… another yet prospective ongoing expenditure!)

In addition to patterns the book has long articles about the contributors, which look interesting and inspiring…

Not to mention pattern for such things as knitted baby boxing gloves, knitted boots and other very cool stuff. And, on the back cover, a giant knitted tree!!! Right up my alley, eh? Except now I feel so boring!

For example, issue 7 has an article on “Subversive Lace” by Danica Maier. Dying to see that one! When I googled “Subversive Lace” this is one of the first sites that came up. Cool, eh?

I had already spent some cash at the newsagent on this mag:

Great – just what I need. Another craft. Sigh. But the patterns look so funky!

(At Pages, I also picked up a book of diaries of Tony Benn:

He is one of my favourite politicians – he was an MP with the UK Labour party for many, many years. Anyone who gave up the title of “Sir” willingly because it was incompatible with being a champion for the commoners is a good guy in my books.

Most recently, he was interviewed by Michael Moore in the movie “Sicko” – if you have the DVD or rent it, think about checking out the extended interview with him under the Features part. Whatever your politics, it will be thought-provoking, I think.

And… he’s a smoker!

Obviously a good bloke, eh?)

Anyway, enough blather. Off to listen to some New Wave music, read my New Wave book, and scheme and plot about knitting. Please wish me luck… I want to be subversive too!


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