by popular request…

Darx from Knittyboard (sorry, no blog link) asked to see these – and some coworkers also wanted to see them “in print” as the original copy was in my inimitable chickenscratch.

Tenant Reverse Haiku

(* I say “reverse” because little genius me just realised that she confused the appropriate Haiku metre: these are written in 7/5/7 instead of 5/7/5. SIGH)

(27 September 2007, Kristina B, written during a staff meeting)

fire alarm battery dead
screaming so loudly
super answers not his phone

eviction hearing today
“pay and stay” says judge
cockroaches do not matter

landlord landlord go away
no written notice
come against another day

fridge is broken yet again
landlord doesn’t care
I fill in my form T6

I plan to perform these at the next regional conference: wearing feudal landlord garb. 🙂

And the next one is a REAL haiku… written 24 October 2007 at a conference in anticipation of a talking head’s speech to take place the following day and concomitant consternation by a colleaugue that she had forgotten to bring Buzzword Bingo cards – or, rather, this card.

An Ode to Horizontality
The 6th Minute of the Game

(written on 24 October in anticipation of the speech by our fearless leader at TCTC yesterday AM – Jennifer Ramsay forgot to bring the bulls**t bingo cards. This is a true haiku in 5/7/5 metre)

synergies galore
silos, Rubik, Value Ag*…
“BINGO!” cry out I.

**Note: the phrase “Value Agenda” has become popular of late, apparently. And, did you know that “Sharing is a two way street”?


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