Aphrodite’s new bag!

Now, back to the regularly scheduled knitting programme:

The fancy Brea Bag which I think must be by the fabulous Norah Gaughan. Pattern available free at the Berocco website.


Yarn = Paton’s Decor (sorry, Berocco) – 50/50 wool/acrylic – cranberry, burgundy and blue
Needle Size = 4.5 mm
Started = a couple of summers ago while on holiday in Kingston, then became a long-forgotten UFO
Finished = yesterday at training conference (outlaw knitting!!!)


– I used two different yarn colours in the main part of the pattern – I think that shows a bit on this picture. In person, it gives the colour some depth.
– I wanted a burgundy and blue purse at the time for work, hence the colour choices (not my favourite combo now, but I like the bag.
– The pattern was very fun to work with and quite simple. Good cable project for a beginner.
– I would recommend, however, a yarn with more stitch definition than the Paton, which is a bit “fuzzy” looking. Maybe Jo Sharp Desert Cotton…
– I like knitting in public! I just had the strap to finish and it was easy enough to take to my conference. A good way to stay awake during dry legal stuff, let me tell you! Today I am presenting so don’t really think I can get away with this, though (although I’m at risk of falling asleep during my own presentation…;-). Hopefully the crowd likes the fancy feudalism clipart I found for my landlord/tenant case review powerpoint!!

I hope to have another long-term UFO finished (in new form) tomorrow or Saturday, then back to my design project. Stay tuned!


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