harvest moon and other tidbits

when driving back from work with JJ last evening, we saw a lovely harvest moon (and now Neil Young tunes are cycling through my brain like hamsters on crack). The above is my lame attempt to photograph it later…

Maybe because of the moon, JJ finally agreed to let me post He Gansey (No Sheep for You) pics on the blog:

“Just call me Charles Atlas”. Actually, I think he was trying to do a “OPA!” thing.

This is how the recalcitrant moon first morphed when I tried to photograph it:

What a bugger, eh?

And now for today’s craft photo… a repurposed cigar box I decorated last year, mostly with broken vintage teacups (and some fiestaware):

I am addicted to those “this china is from Britain” bits on the bottom of the old teacups for some reason.

More creative endeavours – see today’s other blog post about haiku.

Finally, just in time for Hallowe’en, I saw this blog post on how to make your own candy bars (I love Twix!!!)


Happy Friday!


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