I’m still here…

… and sorry for being out of touch. I’ve also been knitting again (and even did a PayDay run to the LYS after months away!) but the kitties have hidden my camera. The kitties have also done their best to stop me from knitting by slurping up yarn as if it were spaghetti, by the way…

When I find my camera again (or when I figure out how to download the photos from my new iPhone to my computer, whichever comes first!, I will post photos of my newest creations, for what they are worth.

In other news: I’m preparing for Hallowe’en and will certainly have to come up with a decent costume or funny post or both before that point. And on that topic, one photo to offer you from the Globe and Mail:

I’m also frustrated with our current government/s and railing against them – there is lots of talk in our province these days about profligate government waste, calls for public enquiries, etc… but that’s nothing new (neither my frustration nor the waste, sadly enough).

I end this brief post with a tribute to JJ, who says “If yer not gonnae put a photo of me, lassie, at least put somethin’ Scottish”. I observe his wish half way, as the actor depicted in the photo below is actually no’ Scottish, but English:


Cheers and see you soon!



3 thoughts on “I’m still here…

  1. Batty says:

    He, cats will do that to you. Mine have effectively prevented me from spinning the past month or so. And yarn… well, Morgana is a pretty good knitting kitten, but Merlin is unbearable when he gets interested. He even tries to eat cross stitch floss!

  2. Kathy Kathy Kathy says:

    Oh! Hello. My cats don’t bother the yarn much, especially since they’ve been old for some time now, but speaking of pumpkins, one of mine loves to eat pumpkin and cantaloupe. Is it a coincidence that he is orange?

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