Those few readers still left will remember my glowing descriptions of my newish twins, formerly known as Fric and Frac and now known as Cleo and Patch:


So, before I make my embarrassing admission, here is a photo of Cleo:


…and here is a photo of Patch:


(And please don’t ask why the rocking chair is stocked with books.  That is just the Brouhaha way, really.)

So, what is the embarrassing admission?  Well… we thought that Cleo and Patch were both girl cats.  However, today when I took them to the vet for their first shots, I learned that Patch is, in fact, a boy.

To be fair to myself, I had questions about this issue a couple of weeks back when Patch waved (then hers/now his) backside in front of me and … ahem… well.  I spoke with JJ and JJ said “Dinna be ridiculous, they are both gerrrrrles”.  The high irony: when C & P first arrived and we thought they were both girls, JJ kept calling Patch “him”.  I kept correcting him, and he learned to say “her”.  Now he has to relearn the whole situation.  Oh well.

Funnily enough, when I look back on my past blog posts, I did identify Cleo by gender, but not Patch.  So, perhaps Patch is a boygirl. 🙂

Anyway, although the vet told me this mistake gets made all the time (and although I spoke with the person who gave us the kitties and she said she’d thought she’d given us two girls!), I still feel @@&!*@(#&*(!&@#*(@& stupid.  I suspect, however, the kitties themselves don’t worry as long as they get fed and catered to.

The problem is more in my head, really.  I have to shift from “guid girls” to “guid girl and boy” – and so does JJ.  But really, why should it matter?  The problem, really, is only in my brain.  I imagine the kitties do not have the same gender hangups as we humans do… they just live out their situation.  As should we all.

Anyway, here is my latest video of Patch being a wee bugger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFtKo8DCn0A

And here is another photo of the pair of them, just because they are so bloody cute:

IMG_3495I wish that everyone got along so well, really.

Happy August.  🙂



9 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Sequana says:

    Not being a real animal lover, I liked it a lot better when you did all that knitting……*S*

    Oh well……….how bout just saying, “Good Kitties?”

  2. Wannietta says:

    Did you have them “fixed”? Are kitties inclined to incestuous behaviours? Be careful – you don’t want to start a whole Northern Inbred breed of cats.

  3. AH says:

    You should hold a gender-neutral workshop so Cleo and Patch can discover their own gender identities in a supportive, open environment. 🙂

  4. Bronwen says:

    …but, I thought the tabbier-y one was Ceo and the Patchy-er one was patch!!!

    I am terrible at sexing kittens even though I have been working with them for awhile now. I make more correct guesses looking at their faces than their nether regions. Seriously.

    Get them neutered/spayed as soon as they are old enough unless you want a menagerie!

  5. knitting-cat says:

    Now I see what you have been doing. They are really beautiful cats.

    Is the rocking chair filled with your reading material for the summer?

    Keep those kitty pictures coming.

  6. Batty says:

    They are incredibly cute. And yes, the kitty sex mistake gets made all the time. You’re lucky you found out before you ended up with kittens!

  7. Kathy Kathy Kathy says:

    I have a brother-sister combo also. The only drawback I see now that they are grown, is that they outgrew the hanging out & cuddling & being cute together. I don’t know if that always happens and if you ask me, the male is the bitchier of the two. But hey, that’s just me. An odd thing happened over here chez schultz. I had a dream wherein you and JJ had a minor role. You had moved from your new apartment and were traveling the Mediterranean on a yacht. Apparently, you had finally taken a powder from the lawyering and JJ was only too thrilled. This had nothing to do with the rest of the dream, which was about me at least, but I thought that you ought to know.

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