is it your lucky day today?

Well, it shouldn’t be unlucky – at least not according to this guy: spiroafce

This, by the way, is my great-uncle Spiro. And he believes the unlucky day is actually TUESDAY the 13th.  Oh, but the old skool griks also believe that 13 is a lucky number – or so I’m told by

Tuesday is considered the unluckiest day during the week for the Greek people. It was on this day on Tuesday May 29th 1453 that the unimaginable happened and the city of Constantinople fell to the Osman Tribe, the “Ottoman Turks”.

It is often said that businesses that open on this day have a black mark against them, and many Greeks who believe in this superstition will not venture into a new business on a Tuesday.

The number 13 is considered lucky by Greeks in the setting when it stands alone as can be seen from the previous weeks writing, see The Number 13.

However, when Tuesday and 13 are placed together they are considered unlucky in the Greek culture. So Greeks will watch out for Tuesday the 13th not Friday the 13th. It is the combination of the date “Tuesday” with the number “Thirteen” that is considered very unlucky to the Greek people.

Damned griks. Nothing is straightforward with them!

Happy 13th!


3 thoughts on “is it your lucky day today?

  1. clarabelle says:

    Wow, you are the image of your Uncle Spiro – or is this just a Brouhaha wind-up?!

    The Greeks just like to be a bit different – hurrah for them! But it’s certainly been unlucky Friday 13th for me: my daughter’s cat (that we were minding) has disappeared in a snowstorm (oops…), and the England vs W Indies test cricket in Antigua was called off (bah). Still looking for the cat…

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