whither JJ?

I went looking for JJ this afternoon, but he had disappeared.  I guess he was stressed out from the move, which lasted 10 plus hours.  And which, more importantly, cost… ahem… well, slightly less than one month’s rent at the last place).

Actually, JJ hadn’t really disappeared, but this is what he looked like when I found him:

img_30611Puir wee JJ.

And who could blame him for retreating?  This is what the second bedroom (a.k.a the stash room) looked like just after the move:


And, I should clarify that these are not all stash.  I wish.  Instead, quite a bit of our furniture was buried under the pile, including JJ’s favourite side table on which he likes to station his whiskey glass.

JJ also had to put up with my very bad mood last night.  You see, I had to deal with the following crises in addition to the rest of the moving grief:

(a) in an extreme moment of weakness, allowing myself to get conned by hearing the (Rogers) cable guy tell me that he couldn’t hook up the cable, then telephoning three different people, all of whom had a different response (and Daphne from Rogers, if you’re reading this, you were by far the most helpful);

(b) deciding not to smoke in my new home – and then wanting nothing more than several cigarettes in front of the television which was not #(@*&#($*!&@#(!* working.  So, instead, I got to traipse out to the balcony in sub-zero weather… and here was the view:

img_3058The highway!

And actually, that’s not being honest.  It’s actually quite a lovely view during the daytime, and probably more so if you’re not sitting there saying “Why, oh why, don’t I just smoke inside?  I can’t smoke inside anywhere anymore! The last place I could smoke inside was in my house, and now I can’t even do that… wah wah wah and bla bla bla”.

But back to the main story.  I was very worried that JJ had turned into a gargoyle, so I invoked the powers of Marina:

img_3063You can’t see it in this lame photo, but she is actually gazing upon the gargoyle.

While this was happening, I went up to the Sobeys grocery store – less than a five minute walk! how exciting – and when I came back, this is what I found:


Hey!  Is this what we crossed the river for?!?!?!

Anyway, I was glad to have my JJ back… and he has spent the day washing the 1,234 dishes, glasses, etc that we didn’t quite realise we had until we moved.

When I locate my stash and my current project, I’ll be back with more information.  And maybe even some daytime photos of my new place… and maybe even, in a week or two, my brand new log cabin!

I hope all is well with you and yours.




7 thoughts on “whither JJ?

  1. Sequana says:

    Moving is like childbirth……once you do it, you swear you’ll never do it again………

    That is…….until you see some really cute baby or a really wonderful house for a bargain…..

    Your memory just wipes out the horror of the whole thing.

  2. Helen (of troy) says:

    I have, depending on how its framed, a veiw of I-495(aka the Long Island Expressway). here in NY. I love it. I love looking out, any time of the day, and wondering where are all these people going?

    I love looking out and seeing cars and trucks–the endless traffic. One sunday a few years ago, a cavelcade of motor cyclist–for almost an hour, the center lane was cyclist–single file and double file, sometimes in V formations, sometimes in fluid clusters.. Where were they all going?!

    What a wonderous thing a high way is!–(it even look beautiful in the dark–its an endless light show.

  3. Amy says:

    Oh my sister…I feel your pain over the move, having just done it myself a couple of really long months ago. I do get some sort of twisted satisfaction out of knowing that cable installers are d*cks north of the border too. I’m sorry that I learned that at your expense, though.

    This might be a good time to (dare I say it?) quit smoking. 🙂

  4. Kathy Kathy Kathy says:

    Well, I won’t tell you to quit smoking because, no offense to Amy, if you’re like me, telling you to quit will make you smoke more. But, it would be great if you could keep it to the balcony even though it’s so cold. In fact, the view itself looks cold. I’ve looked out upon the cold, cold night enough to know it when I see it. It’s all a little shrunken, isn’t it. I dread moving also. The last time I did it was from a small 3-room apartment and that was hard enough. Now I have a 3 bedroom house and I’ve had 13 years to clutter it up. Oy!

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