I found my camera cord…!

… but please don’t think this means that you get any wonderful photos. In fact, what it means is that you get to see some bizarre photos from the past month or so.

This is JJ’s new computer which I bought him about a month ago

img_3049This photo is the computer surronder by the detritus of moving.  However, here is an action photo taken about a month ago:


Now – JJ still says he can’t use the computer.  But he looks OK there, no??? Any takers as to how to how to teach him to use the computer?

And here is a duckie photo.. just before the duckie in question was packed!


This is the cold callous mother of the duckie modelling JJ’s stetson from his work as a Commissionaire:


(In actual fact, since I located this hat, I haven’t really taken it off.  I like the way it fits me.  I asked JJ to model for a photo with it, but he refused.  I’ll have to dig one up and post it!)

I should note that I did locate the Hallowe’en photos as well, but they are all sideways – I also have a disc at work with some of me so I will have to do a belated Hallowe’en post. 🙂

And finally, a photo taken this evening just before I sat down to write this.  I’d like to think of this photo as the end of an era at the Valleyview… but I suspect that it won’t look too different to other photos I’ve taken inside my place.  Just realise that I have taken this photo just before the movers arrive tomorrow…


…and below is the stash room…



The stash is there… but well hidden.

And I know I said “Finally…” but here is one last photo of JJ in our old place:


I would have taunted you all with a photo of my log cabin, but it too is packed.  Plus, WordPress just screwed me when I tried to post a new photo.  So, hey.  Stay tuned… 🙂 




4 thoughts on “I found my camera cord…!

  1. Sequana says:

    Those pics of your old place don’t look that much different from the other pics we’ve seen from there….*L*

    Tell JJ to get himself to a (dare I say this?) Senior Center and take some free puter classes….

  2. Kathy Kathy Kathy says:

    I had one of those long-necks at work. It was the only Mac I’ve ever loved. Sadly, I had to give it up when we went all PC. Mind you, I wanted to go PC, but also keep my 2 long-necks. The speakers roll around like crazy, though. I’ll teach JJ what to do if I get to hang with y’all. I can get free during Easter vacation.

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