moving hell

I know, I know, I know… I’ve been very remiss about posting. My apologies.

My further apologies for what will be a very boring post indeed, as I have either packed or thrown out the little connector cord for my digital camera. SIGH.

Anyway, I have several explanations (NOT excuses) for my blogging delinquency:

(a) I’m stressing about becoming an ex-tenant as at 2 December. I know that this is weird, given that I spend my work life fighting landlords. But being a “tenant” has become an identity for me which is actually hard to give up for some reason. Hmm.

(b) Because of all the #%$*(@(#*$&(#@*$&@#* landlords out there trying to screw tenants, my work life has erupted. It’s good, but it’s busy busy busy.

(c) Did I mention that we’re moving? The decluttering effort alone has taken weeks. Now we’re into the packing bit. Mind you, despite JJs strong hints (“D’ye really NEED all that yarn, lassie”), my most prized collection is more or less intact and packed.

(d) The duckie family is really stressed about the upcoming move, and I don’t have the parental skills to console them.  In fact, I’m sure I’ve made it worse by separating them during a binge packing session last weekend.  I could show you some startling photos of forlorn and bereft baby duckies, but guess what – I lost my camera cord!  Coincidence…???

(e) I’ve been busy trying to finish my log cabin blankie because my mother expects us to set up the second bedroom in the new place as what she calls a “pethara suite” (“pethara” meaning “mother-in-law” in Greek).  I reckon that when she comes to visit us at Christmas and is faced with the same old cheapo blow-up bed and a cheapo cotton knitted bedspread, she’ll decide that it’s not a good idea to come live with us after all.

Anyway, the blankie is almost finished, and at present measures 4 1/2″ by 5 1/2″.  I look forward to posting photos when I manage to locate my $#*&($#*($&#($&@# camera cord.  And at that point, you can also look forward to Hallowe’en photos and so forth.  Yes, I’ve been delinquent.

If anyone is still checking into this blog, kindly send some good vibes for the condo closing (which takes place officially tomorrow.)  Today we had to go and hand over a ridiculous amount of $$$ to a lawyer, who had us sign about a million pieces of paper and then told us “oh, I’ve got the keys here [dangle dangle], but you can’t get them until tomorrow when the bank has sent over the rest of the money”.   $&#*($&@(*#$* lawyers!!!!!

Anyway, thanks – and I will be back with more pictures than you will care to look at once I’m settled in and locate my camera cord.


13 thoughts on “moving hell

  1. Sequana says:

    If that blankie is really 4.5 x 5.5 INCHES, your mom is gonna get kinda cold, I’d think.

    Interesting to hear about someone actually buying someplace to live and getting a mortgage. I don’t know when anyone down here is gonna do that again, frankly.

  2. Helen says:

    The British name for a pethara suite is a ‘granny flat’. Blocks of retirement flats are sometimes called granny farms. Teehee.

    Good luck with the condo closing and the flitting – JJ can tell you what that is. He might like the story in my post for 25 November too.

  3. Wannietta says:

    And tell J.J. what a lucky guy he is. Kerwyn had no idea how much yarn & Tupperware that I had until he had to move a fucktillion boxes labeled “yarn” & “Tupperware”. I mean, I couldn’t exactly mislabel them and have the yarn end up in the kitchen and the Tupperware in the bedroom, although that last bit has possibilities …

  4. elizabeth m says:

    Soon the move and mayhem will be behind you. Hang in there.

    And for about $20 US, you can buy a little card reader that will allow you to get the pics off the camera card and into the computer. It lives with the computer, so you don’t need to worry about losing it.

  5. Bronwen says:

    Hey Kristina.. good to ‘see’ you again. Congrats on the condo. Your closing/lawyer/bank/keys stories are all too reminiscent! Hope things are going well.

  6. Joan says:

    (closing eyes and holding loan papers to forehead) Gooooooood viiiiiiibes coming your waaaaaaayyyyy!!!
    May your deed reach the courthouse before the lien attaches.
    May your landlord see only a shiny floor and pristine walls
    May your deposit be returned with interest
    May your utilities be turned on swiftly
    May the appliances all work, especially the hot water heater
    May the duckies be reunited
    And most importantly,
    May the Stash be with you:)

  7. Kathy Kathy Kathy says:

    Good vibes. I am hoping that at this very moment, or at least sometime this very day, you got your keys. I am hoping that when you went over (with just a few little things–afterall, you shouldn’t go empty handed) the things you hadn’t noticed before or misremembered were all positives. The place is much larger and well-lit. The view is better; the lobby doesn’t smell funny. Oh, just good luck!! And btw, don’t you need the 2nd bedroom for knitting and mosaic stashes?

  8. Angie says:

    sending good vibes your way, hope the move goes smoothly and you finsh your blanket for M-I-L
    heres to a happy fetsive season in your new home, find the camera cord so we can have some piccies!!

  9. Amy says:

    You know that I am always sending good vibes your way, but will throw in a couple extra for the move.

    Um…I thought I had called “dibs” on that spare bedroom!

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