colouring my world

You’re not going to believe this… the other day was the 15th (a.k.a. PayDay) and I did not go to a yarn shop. What steely self-discipline!! (I should confess something, though – that was only because I went to the mosaic shop instead.) My middle name should be “magpie”. I cannot resist shiny glass things, particularly when they are mirrored and I can see my face in miniature warped dwarfdom. I then hit the Goodwill across the street and came across some treasures: The purchases would seem to indicate that I am just about ready to get back to mosaic. For some reason, spring and summer are the only times I seem to break plates and stick them to things anymore. Guess I’ve got to go with the muse when she hits, eh? But now I’m torturing myself because I came across these fabulous tapestry photos on line.

I want one!!!! And check out this stunning tapestries by Irene Dunn!

If I had one of these in my apartment, I’d feel like King Henry VIII. And by all accounts, he had a great time! I’m reminded of the fabric mosaic that the very talented Sequana sent me sometime back, although her colours are bolder as befits the modern ethic, of course!

Oh no. Now I want to take up tapestry and needlework. When will it end?!?! Then again, I probably won’t bother because this is about as talented as I get in that particular arena:

Hmm. I’d be defeated before I started, I think. Wah.


8 thoughts on “colouring my world

  1. Amy says:

    dyine? I guess I am example of another one that fell through the cracks of the American educational system. I meant to say that I am dying to see what you do with it.

    Some of us have the smarts real good.

  2. clarabelle says:

    Looking forward to seeing your mosaics-in-the-making, especially if you give a tutorial (with photos of overflowing ashtrays, of course!). I’ve got weaving in the waiting as my ‘new’ craft obsession – I’ve just got to sort out getting the warp on the loom, sigh.

    (And hey, I love my little piccie in the fan club! I tried to bring my blog over here a few weeks back, but all my existing links (comments, etc) got lost in the transfer. I gave up – dunno wot I did rong…)

  3. hellinateacup says:

    Clarabelle… that’s odd! My original blogger comments came over. However you would have to redo the links.

    I think that smiley face is one of these smart options. Maybe they should have that over at Ravelry!? You sound like JJ by the way.

    If you want a chuckle, go over to – a new Brouhaha venture! heh heh

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