KB pix pics! (coming soon…)

Well, you may have noticed that I have an odd predilection with photos from the Globe and Mail, the PMO, and other fine publications. I’m going to try this page as a repository for some of them which don’t fit neatly anywhere else, with funny captions as appropriate. Examples:

“Now, now, Mr. Carnival… I told you I don’t do that on the first date. And not on the second, either…”

“$#&*$&*##($$##%#)(*)! There goes the whole part I had to frog last night… AGAIN!!!”

Stay tuned…


5 thoughts on “KB pix pics! (coming soon…)

  1. clarabelle says:

    Ooh eeer! Everything’s changed. I don’t ‘do’ change. Help! And I’m gutted that I’m not listed under ‘Nerdy Things’!

    Seriously, looking guid, Kristina! Very sophisticated…

  2. Sequana says:

    Wow! This will take some getting used to..*S*

    Lots and lots of white……*reaching for my shades* Looks like the new landlord here has spiffed it up for your move-in tho. Great new place to celebrate SPRING……..finally

  3. brouhahahaha says:

    Welcome, all!

    Clarabelle: and and ye shall have…will put you under nerdy things too, LOL.

    Amy: that photo was very well timed. It just happened to be in the Globe right after I had to frog some of Icarus YET AGAIN!

    S: I know, odd … me and white, eh? It’s easier for me to read though… and SPRING!! HUZZAH!

    Tracyb: Thanks, eh?

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