Earth Hour and beyond

What did you do yesterday during Earth Hour?

No, these aren’t fireworks. This is my attempt at taking a photo of all the big houses on Millionaire’s Row across the ravine from me… who did NOT turn their lights off. Indeed, in four or five houses every single light in the house appeared to be on – and these are some big houses, let me tell you. Sheesh.

Well, JJ and I did turn off our lights, and we were in good company apparently…this is downtown Toronto:

Weird to see the CN tower in complete darkness, but pretty cool nonetheless. And this is the Peace Tower in Ottawa (our capital city):

… and, for my American friends, Detroit as viewed from Windsor, Ontario:

Anyway, I rather liked this Earth Hour thing. I think they should actually do it once a week… but also make shutting off all the cell phones, blackberries, computers and televisions mandatory. And yes, we can live without these things for an hour. Really.

After Earth Hour was over, JJ and I hopped into a cab and headed downtown to see the Axes of Evil play!

The Axes of Evil is a local band made up of a bunch of leftie lawyers and other leftie folk. I’m one of their groupies…

…and we were all out in force last night bustin’ our moves on the dance floor, cheered on by our admiring audience:

Fun was had by all … and I got lots of great comments about my springtime purse:

Don’t know if I’ve posted a photo of this one before – I made it some time back. It’s a bag made out of a repurposed sweater from Goodwill. I felted it, cut it up and then crocheted this part together with spare yarn from the stash. My favourite part is this little flower:

Anyway, the bag cheers me up and lets me think that spring is actually on the way.

So, on the agenda today? No huge plans. I hope to continue hacking away at my latest piece, April Showers:

Looking a bit odd right now, but I have high hopes… and I really love this colourway. It actually glows in person. Ah, Italian Silk!

Time to get back to it … wishing you a very happy Sunday!


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