PayDay! and Earth Hour

I know I mused aloud somewhere about not observing PayDay as usual yesterday given that I am awaiting yarn in the mail…


Instead, I decided to check out a new (to me) shop called Americo on the basis that I had been in there once before, and left with nothing.


Not this time. Ahem. This lovely stuff is laceweight llama!! The colourway is called kyanite. I’ve never had llama before, but it is wonderful soft stuff. Approximately 1400 metres of it is now mine.

Laceweight cotton, which I’ve never seen in such quantity.

The white nearly blinded me – turning it almost into a real colour. I had to snap some up.

I thought that one of these might be perfect to make a stab at the Laminaria in the near future…

What say you?

This is a stunning pattern, in my humble opinion. It looks quite difficult, but hey!

So, that and some drinks at Fynn’s then ribs and wings at a new joint near work was all the excitement I could handle last evening… I then sat and fondled the llama all evening.

And tonight – blackout night! What are you all planning to do for Earth Hour anyway?

I have no idea. We’re meant to go to a dance tonight which was rather poorly planned, I suppose. The original start time was 8:00 p.m. – which is the Earth Hour shutdown time in this next of the woods.

I suppose I could try to knit by candlelight – but given that I already have bifocals at the age of 37, that mightn’t be the wisest plan.

Anyway, however you decide to observe Earth Hour… have a good one!


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