Mr. Postman brought me a dream…

…and not the cutest boy that I’ve ever seen!

(Which would be impossible, I hasten to say, given that the cutest boy I’ve ever seen already lives with me…

… er, well, he doesn’t look like that anymore. But still a cutie!

Daniel Craig, if you are reading this, worry not – because you are still the cutest man I’ve ever seen.

Having said that… I do have my very own James Bond at home:

Running and smoking! Sexy!!!

Phew…. where was I again? Oh yeah.

Instead, this is what the postman brought me today!

Fancy, sparkly beads for knitting!

I don’t know when I will ever get around to using them all… but stay tuned!

For now, I’m happy working on coworker/friend W’s Vegan Tuscany:

This is the progress so far. The yarn is Rosarios Bio Bamboo from Portugal. Isn’t it fabulous?

Now, I would have said that, although these colours are perfect for W (and after all, they should be – she picked them!!) they would not be my ordinary choice. In fact, I did make this very statement earlier to JJ. His response? He gestured to my Fiesta Chair:
… raised his eyebrows and said nothing at all.

He had a point.

Anyway, so that’s my amusement at present. Tonight, I look forward to the Patrick Week outing with the Tenant Advocates. (That’s this week’s excuse, anyway). This is a special meeting of the Toronto Tenant Duty Counsel, who are scattered throughout the city. Location undisclosed – I’d love to invite you all, but don’t want a rush of clients showing up and saying “Just one question…”!

In parting, for a pre-long-weekend chuckle, I wanted to share some signage that Susie sent me all the way from the land of OZ! (where it is probably 30 degrees C and sunny right now. Grr.) Apparently they are Canadian so she thought I would like them. And I did.

This one is definetely Canadian… let’s check the next one:
Hmm. Probably American, but also Canadian in its beer drinker sentiment. So – 50 out 100 for now in CanCon*, Susie!

* We have these Canadian content (or CanCon) rules up here for broadcasting. Basically, 30 per cent or so of everything that is broadcasted here has to fall within some esoteric “Canadian content” rules. This is apparently to avoid becoming overly Americanised – how does the rest of the world handle this, anyway? (apologies to Murcan friends reading this!). Anyway, the end result is lots of cheesy Canadian produced murder mysteries and subtitled Quebec films usually aired in the middle of the night – not to mention that channels like BBC Canada now display cheesy Canadian DIY shows in addition to cheesy DIY British shows.

This sure adds to my sense of Canadian identity, I can tell you! I wish they would just send us a voucher for a free Tim Horton’s coffee and doughnut or five once a week, frankly.

Where was I? Oh yes.

Hmm. Most likely American. We don’t allow guns up here, except illegal ones. So, 50 out of 75 for CanCon, Susie…

And finally…
Well, definetely American unless there is some outpost up here called “Galveston-Houston” that I don’t know about (and Susie, FYI, this sign would be located somewhere within the home state of George W. Bush). However, I can’t complain about the sign – it should be Canadian.

So, end score for CanCon – 65 per cent. And, to be fair to Susie, the Email she sent had originally been headed “signs from Canada” – and, she’s a long way from here. But there’s time to learn…

Happy Thursday!


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