I’m cheating a bit today, folks, as I am lazy and it is driech outside.

Driech = Scottish for “cold, rainy, damp, dreary and generally crappy”. I’m advised by my resident Scotsman that the Scottish have about fifty words for “rainy weather”. Note, however, that this is unconfirmed and he has been known in past to tell some pretty wild stuff about Scotland to see if people believe it. Then if they do buy whatever preposterous stuff he’s come up with, he usually says “Tek your heid oot your arse, sonny jim/hen, and see the world”.

Such a gentleman, eh?

In celebration of the fact that a couple of my designs have been published on Knitting Patterns Central – a great free resource – check it out and submit your own patterns! – I thought I’d re-photographs some of my blasts from the past…

(besides, with all that new TV stuff on … finally… I must confess I’m kinda missing the reruns! Strange, eh?)

1. Crazed Harlequin Dress

Aphrodite looks stunning in this dress, if I do say so myself, even in the winter!

It is actually a tank sleeve dress as you will see from the link, but I’ve taken to wearing it with a black silk blouse underneath for winter.

Multicoloured goodness!

2. Rainbow Tunic Dress

This dress actually shows off Aphrodite’s waist quite well. It doesn’t fall in quite such a flattering manner on my Greek peasant bod. Oh well.

The dress was a great way to try samples of yarns and use up single skeins from swaps and such.

(My breasts are bigger than hers, though. Heh heh.)

3. Montego Bay Tunic

which was originally my first lace project ever… ! I realise now that my lace career started on 27 August 2007… wow, just seven months ago!

I had fun with this one, and the coworkers all got a kick out of it too. I got called “Barbarella” for the next week…

I wish!

Well, I feel less “driech” now – how about you?

Anyway, that’s it for me for now (told you I was lazy!). Oh, in knitting news, I’m working on a vegan Tuscany shawl commissioned by co-worker H. Hope to provide some pics of that in progress plus another rant or three tomorrow when I am back to my regularly scheduled programming!

Happy Tuesday!


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