just call me Pollyanna…

Well, yesterday (which started so abysmally) ended very well indeed, I must say!

First of all, according to the Store of Liquors, Spring is on the way!

I love this mag!

Then the sun came out!

Look at the nicely shoveled and salted pathway to my home… the same one I struggled to get past on my way to work in the morning.

6:00 p.m. and the sun was still shining!

Oh, and I found this on the way home: a leaded glass insert which must have been above a door in one of the older apartment buildings on Bathurst. It’s about an inch thick. I’m sure I’ll find some use for it…

JJ was amazed that I was in such a guid mood, given that it was, after all, Laundry Night in Canada, an event I typically approach with gloom, doom and utter dread. However, not only were there no other tenants in the laundry room the whole time I was there, but I found these goodies!!! Candles…

… and a great carry bag for knitting stuff!
So, after a gourmet home-cooked dinner (albeit one catered by the President)…

… I had a look through my brand new book on mosaics.

Look at all the pretty things I could make! (and so could you, if you wanted, I’m sure…). Mosaics featuring buttons (wish I’d thought of that…) with glass:

… and by themselves:

(This would make a cute knitting notions/crochet hook box, no?)

Plus, lots of beautiful shiny glass creations, for example:

There was even a trash goddess:

And, appealing to my leftie sensibilities:

Che! (although I would make him in red and black, just like the t-shirts). This was made by a Cuban artist, which brings to mind this photo they showed on the evening news last evening as part of the latest fearmongering component (“what will Cuba be up to now that Fidel is dead incapacitated out of the way and his brother is in charge?!?!?!):

I guess now that the Conservatives are in charge we are meant to be afraid of Kooba. Clearly this wasn’t always the case: viz. Fidel and our most famous Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau, above. Trudeau was arguably our greatest PM ever… I mean, who couldn’t love a gay-positive “get the nation out of our bedrooms” swinger leader who brought us the Charter of Rights?

(For one, JJ, who for other reasons I won’t get into – because I don’t agree with him and this is MY blog, damnit! – thinks that Trudeau was just a big ol’wanker. But I can forgive him because he was stuck in Glesga throughout the whole Trudeaumania thing. So, he’s clearly misguided.)

And, as a nice finale to the evening, I made good headway on the Evelyn Clark lace triangle shawl – and now have only the edging to do!!! It looks rather crinkly and crappy right now but I love it so far. I hope to finish it up this evening and start blocking. Just in time for SOTSii Clue 8…!

Happy Thursday!


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