when will it end?!?

Well, it’s official: I have had it with winter weather.

The weather gods are cruel, I have to tell you. They beckoned to us with halcyon promises of spring on Monday… I went out for a smoke without a jacket, it was so warm!!

But now this:

Snow, ice, freezing rain… and $#*@$&(@*#$&(@#*$ pigeons. Nothing is guaranteed to make heading out to work more daunting than this combination.

(Did I ever mention that I took this movie to heart?


Nothing, that is, except this … the first thing I saw when stepping out the door to go to work.

Don’t eat yellow snow!! (and man, did I ever get an odd look from one of the neighbours who passed me while I was taking this photo!)

This was the path out from my building to the main drag:

And when I got to Bathurst Avenue, hours half an hour some time later, I saw yet another depressing sight:

(Let me remind you, folks, that’s per litre, not per gallon. About the same price as 10 metres of Camelspin – which would come from more or less the same part of the world, no? I should note that I’m geographically challenged. Anyway, I know which I’d rather have! Do you? Three guesses and the first two don’t count…

You got it in one!)

… and yet another:

And now for a short public legal educational break…

Advisory to tenants: Nothing, and I mean nothing, is “free” when it comes to landlords. The TV probably retails for about $250.00 (provided it didn’t fall off a truck, that is!) – and the bachelors in this building rent for $900.00/month for 600 square feet. You do the math.

And why the 13-month lease term, you ask? I’m not entirely certain but this has become more common of late. My educated guess is that the landlords are worried that the government will reintroduce rent controls on vacant units – fat chance! – and in that event, a thirteen month lease term will allow them to raise the rent after the permissible 12 month period so that even if the tenant should leave at the end of the lease period, the rent on the vacant unit will be higher. Those landlords… always thinking!!!

Grrr. My mood did not improve by the time I got downtown, either. But, for your information, this is what the CN Tower looks like when it’s covered with snow:

And – I noticed a solution to a big mystery that has been plaguing some of us here in Toronto.

(Did I post about these mock ads on here or not? I can’t find it. My brain has officially frozen. Anyway, these mysterious ads popped up in bus shelters and on transit around Toronto recently:

…and no one knew who was putting them up. So, here’s the answer:

Subversive, no? A bid to get parents to stop pushing their kids into uni when maybe they’d be better off at a community college! Huzzah!)

Finally, I got to work. But, on the upside, look how much I got done on my travel project!!!

(well, not all that, but she’s lookin’ good, no?)

And actually, it’s about time to stop whining. Shameless plagiarist that I am, I’d like to take a page from Amy’s book blog and list three things that I am thankful for today…just to bring some (much needed) perspective…

1. I’m grateful that I remembered to bring my lunch today so that I don’t have to trudge out into the blizzard to buy something.

(Leftover lamb curry from Gandhi and naan by the President! Mmm!!)

2. I’m grateful that they had chocolate raspberry coffee and butterscotch praline muffins at Fresh and Wild today on my way to work.

3. I’m grateful that I actually have a job to go to, and one that pays quite well and that I actually like most days to boot!



PS. Well, I’m not quite done whining yet. Those of you who visit regularly know that I have a little ongoing beef with the news media, especially regarding their increasing tendency toward fearmongering. So, given that JJ will insist on having the evening news on television, I figured I’d start a little daily feature on the blog: Yesterday’s Most Ridiculous Attempt to Induce Fear in the General Public. (If anyone has any ideas for a snappier name, please advise).

Today’s entry:

We are apparently meant to be afraid that, in ten years’ time or so, there will be too many jobs. That’s right, folks.

You don’t believe me? I couldn’t make this stuff up!!!

Aging workforce fuels concern of labour shortage

Updated Tue. Mar. 4 2008 8:26 PM ET

CTV.ca News Staff

The workforce in Canada is aging significantly, prompting concern from analysts about the impending threat of labour shortages across the country….

…Earlier this year, a Conference Board of Canada report warned that 90,000 jobs in the tech industry need to be filled over the next three years.

If not, the economy will take a $10-billion blow, said the report.

Too many jobs?!?!? Last week, we were subjected to a discussion of the increasing unemployment rate!!! When will it end?

Well, I’m back where I started, so it’s high time I got off my high horse and signed off.


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