strummin’ them Ol’ Man Winter blues…

Hi all:

A short post today. The flu finally seems to have caught up with me. SIGH. JJ is sick as well. So just chugging orange juice by the litre and trying to feel alive.

In knitting news: I forgot to download the SOTSii clue 6 yesterday! $#*(&$@(*#$&(@*#&($*#&$( So now I won’t be able to start until Tuesday night at the earliest as I will be out of the office on Monday observing an appeal hearing.

Work on the Swallowtail and Bespoke are travelling apace, however, and I managed to get about six inches done on the Storm Water scarf yesterday during a meeting! The lace thing seems to be back on track (famous last words?).

Am also currently reading The Audacity of Hope by Barack Obama. It’s interesting enough, although he is a bit less progressive than I had thought. But reading the book does give me some sense of how the American electoral system works (which I’ve never quite been able to figure out! sigh.).

So, how about this R2D2 cake?!? (or knitted hat, for that matter…

And, my Saturday gift to you – a free pattern for you guys from Craft Magazine, perfect for any baby I think. Click here for the pattern.

(Check me out ooh-ing and ahh-ing about baby stuff. I must be sick!

Anyway, stay warm and healthy and hope to be back here tomorrow with some progress pics of the lacy stuff!


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