lunchtime at the shops…

… and no, not the yarn shop for once.

Instead, I headed over to Pages bookstore. And imagine my surprise to find my autobiography… on the remainder table!!!

It’s just not fair… WAH. And the book depicted me so well!
Anyway, I had to snap up a copy (my mother stole all the promotional ones). If you’re looking to buy it, it’s called “Wonder Woman – a Complete History”.

Some other chaepo gems from the remainder table:

The caption to this book, if you can’t read it, is “How to Get Dinner on the Table if you can’t cook”. Now, I can cook (sort of) but for $5, anything that helps me get this task accomplished quicker is useful info.

I also found this gem for $2!

(which in turn made me hustle out and pick up Canada’s newest chocolate treat, the Caramilk Deluxe:
Check this out:

Caramilk Deluxe comes neatly packaged and it contains four small pieces. Each piece is filled with a blend of caramel and dark chocolate, all wrapped in the signature Cadbury milk chocolate.

Can’t go wrong with that, eh?

I then had to stop at the newsagent to pick up JJs weekly British/Scottish trash tabloid reading:

… and if you ever doubt my love for JJ, consider the fact that I actually allow him to bring this Tory / Royal Family-positive rag into the house on a weekly basis:

(“How I’ll Rule, by Charles?!?!?” Who cares?!? Millions of British expatriates, apparently. Sigh.)

I also picked up some highbrow Canajan reading material for myself:

Then off to HMV, where I wanted to pick up Sting’s latest album: a classical album! I’m serious!

I also had to grab kd lang’s latest collection (called “Watershed”) while I was there. It’s been a long time, kd!

(I think she’s been eating a few too many of the Cadbury Deluxe myself… but hey. She’s still lookin’ guid!)

I also grabbed a DVD:

Which leads me to the requisite Friday rant/self-loathing exercise. I have not purchased or rented any DVDs in a long time as we have this fancy digital box thingy at home so that JJ can watch nature programmes 24 hours a day if he so chooses.

So, in my quest today for the Simpsons Movie on DVD, I literally could not figure out which version I was supposed to buy. BluRay? HD? Vanilla? (I’m sure there was a fourth one, or maybe that was a video game…?!?!)

I mean, I felt completely ridiculous. I am a professional with two university degrees, and I cannot figure out which disc I should buy for the machine I have?!

This was compounded by the wave of abject stupidity which washed over me when I remembered my last trip to a music/video shop, which was in the U.K. in December. I was faced then with all these designations and simply thought “Oh well, this must be some British or European thing”. Nope.

So, at the end of it all, I had to ask for help. And, of course, as usual there was no employee over the age of 16 in the place… two of them did, however, help me out, calling me “ma’am” at least five times each while they did so. Ma’am!!! Argh. I’m sure I could hear them laughing at me when I left.

Perhaps I’d just best stick to knitting. The concepts are simple, and I don’t need fancy electronic equipment that needs changed every six months to engage in it. Hmm.

In parting, here’s a gratuitous eye candy photo:

Happy Friday to all, and to all a good weekend!


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