That’s only because somehow I managed to finish off my Secret of the Stole II, Clue 5! And on Monday to boot!

She looks not half bad, eh?

I believe this is now knitted up to the midpoint. Approximate length = 32″.

And lest you think that I spent all my time on this accomplishment, please be advised that I also tidied up the house:
More specifically, I took out the recyling. Both mine:

..and JJs.

Oh, by the way, do you think it’s time to get a new bundle buggy?!

I truly amaze myself sometimes. I think nothing of going to the yarn store on a regular basis so that I can hoard massive amounts of Handmaiden:
(well, sometimes I do actually knit with the stuff) but I will not shell out $25.00 for a new bundle buggy and have had to tie the back to the side pieces with knitting yarn.

A matter of skewed priorities? I don’t think so when I look at this:

Another little lace scarf in progress. This one is adapted from a pattern distributed by Fleece Artist called “Storm Water Scarf”. A bit easier than the SOTSii!!!

Well, time to starting thinking about heading to work now. (yawn!) After all, I should make a trip to the hardware store first

I wonder if I’ll find any of these duct tape roses when I get there!

Man ailve. I think I’ve seen it all now. Red Green, pictured above, has nothing on me!


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