diversions on a rainy Sunday…

Yes, you heard me right: RAIN. And I thought I had it bad when it was snowing!!!

I had yesterday to step out to pick up some drastically needed essentials:

So I went out to the balcony to check whether the storm they have been threatening all week had hit yet:

Much to my surprise, it was pouring rain. Also, the rats with wings had made another visit during the night.

(No, this one wasn’t by me – it was by Julie Jackson. A needlepoint sampler for every occasion. Gotta love it!)

Now, I’m had it up to here with all the storm advisories: Winter Storm advisory (it’s winter, there’s going to be a storm: was it going to be a $#*&@($@#& SUMMER storm?!?), Wind advisory, Windchill advisory, Smog advisory, etc. etc. etc.

And with all of these they missed the most important car:

Getting Splashed by Wanker Motorists on Bathurst Street advisory!

I swear that some of these people deliberately accellerate and move as far right as possible in the lane so as to splash me when walking by… especially those ones with SUVs. (When you buy an SUV to drive around in Toronto, do they give you a crown and sceptre as well, by the way?).

Should you ever hear on the news about a woman who had a complete breakdown and started carrying a five gallon bucket of bright blue paint to work with her in the morning, flinging it at errant SUVs in rainy weather and screaming “How do YOU like being splashed? Huh?? Huh??…

…would you send me a postcard c/o the Don Jail?

Anyway, by the time I got to the smoke shop I was totally soaked. So, in addition to the essentials, I had to buy some comfort food:

…but even eating it all upn my return to the homestead didn’t make me feel any better.

Then JJ looked up from his programme on dinosaurs, and spake:

Good call.

So I started to become productive. Illigitimi non carborundum, and all that.

I finished 14 more rows on the SOTSii:


I then, for reasons unknown to me, decided to join Facebook – having said I wouldn’t. From the look of it, I was the last holdout in Toronto! What potential for colossal time wasting! I did upload a bunch of pics there, though… if you’re on it, come on by – I’m under Kristina Brouhaha.

I then finished off what was left of two pieces of my Bespoke!

The sleeve (to the left) was almost wholly knitted in public (except for the sleeve cap). And check out the fancy lapel:

I must confess I’m getting a tad bored with the pattern, although I do like the linen stitch:

So, today’s plans include a push on the SOTSii in the vain hopes of finishing Clue No. 5. Not to mention that the house needs tidied up. Sigh.

Happy Monday and happy holiday for those who actually have one today!


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