to-do list for 2008: top 10

Better late than never… I’ve always thought that resolutions were made to be broken, really, so instead I make a to-do list every year.

So, here’s the top 10 of the life plan for 2008, not necessarily in this order:

1. Make sure this isn’t the only to-do list you make all year. The to-do list can be an invaluable tool at the workplace. However, I continue to delude myself that I can actually remember everything I’m supposed to do. This works most of the time, but on occasion causes wholesale panic, usually in the middle of the night. So, just write it down already!

2. You bought a fancy new daytimer – so use it! See #1, above.

3. Finish the Nina Shawl. For some reason, I’ve already grown tired of this (you may have noticed that my attention span is somewhat short. As well, I’m not 100% on the colours I chose, an unusual occurrence for me).

What probably does not aid me in my cause is that I will insist on going to the LYS and buying new yarns like this:

Yesterday’s haul at the LYS – Handmaiden Silk Spun. I went in to buy a mag only. Silly me. This was the abortive internal struggle preceding that decision:

GOOD KRISTINA: It’s not necessary to go all the way over to Romni to buy a magazine. A magazine, by the way, which you actually saw yesterday at the Great Canadian News on the way to work!

EVIL KRISTINA: But we’re going to Gandhi to pick up a roti and Romni is right down the street from there. Great Canadian News is out of the way going home.

GOOD KRISTINA: (ripping what little hair she has left out) Well, what’s the big rush?!? It’s not like you’re going to rush home and start learning Irish crochet. You have the $#&*$(@#*$&(@#*&$ Nina Shawl to finish, don’t you remember?!?!?

EVIL KRISTINA: Stop swearing, ye wee bampot.


EVIL KRISTINA: On that topic, comb your hair while you’re at it.

GOOD KRISTINA: (sulky silence)

EVIL KRISTINA: We’re going to Romni. That’s final.


Which leads me to:

4. Make mosaic version of “The Scream” by Munch.
. I’ve been planning this for a while. I need to save up, though, to buy smalti for it. The next point should aid in this cause…

5. Limit yarn shopping to one PayDay per month. Goddess knows there is enough in the stash that this would not constitute a huge hardship!

6. Learn Irish crochet. This is the mag that Evil Kristina just had to have yesterday.

Isn’t the shawl on the front cute? And I like the tradition behind Irish crochet. JJ didn’t admit it (as he will insist on being Scottish, not Irish, despite the fact that both his parents were born in Ireland), but he liked it to.

7. Make more mosaics generally. After all, it’s part of my cultural tradition…

… and this way, I could move to London and get a job as a subway mosaic artist!

You don’t want to see the Toronto equivalents, such as they are – way too grim. (Having said that, they are currently in the process of renovating Museum Station, the one next to the Royal Ontario Museum and my law school. Here is what it is meant to look like when done:

Wish it had looked like that when I attended law school. Maybe then I would have bothered to attend more frequently!

Which leads me to:

8. Decide whether you want to go back to school or not. This is something that has been plaguing me for some time (I’m not sure why, because I have always disliked school despite having gone on to obtain two bachelor’s degrees), and it’s high time that I fish or cut bait. However, part of me yearns to become the next Jane Jacobs, urban planner extraordinaire. There is no way I can hope to even try without going to planning school. So, therein lies the rub. (Part of the reason that I’m holding off is that I’m scared they won’t let me in. Strange, eh? It’s odd when the Type-A impulse rears its ugly head.)

9. Take lunch to work more often. I’m tired of spending $$$ at the Fresh & Wild(ly Expensive) grocery and if I keep eating Gandhi rotis I will need a whole new wardrobe. Besides, I do know how to cook:

Check out this funky curly long pasta, by the way!!

Oh – and not only can I cook, I can even pickle!

Couldn’t resist this shot… I need an antidote to all the grey droopy weather out there. I don’t know if I’ll ever actually eat these ones – looking at the jar is a great tonic in and of itself. Besides, I don’t like vegetables.

But I digress. And finally… (drumroll please):

10. Make an effort to keep the house in order. Because coming home to scenes like this gets a bit depressing, particularly when it’s dark all the time!
Included in this pile of apparent crap are various yarn stash treasures which never made it to the spare room because… well, you may have seen the spare room in the post I put up the other day.

Not all that ambitious, eh? There is some other stuff, mostly boring navel gazing garbage (and what was all of the above, you might well ask?!).

Wishing you luck with your resolutions/plans/etc for 2008! And, happy Friday! The Tenant Advocates are going out after work today – this week’s excuse, saying goodbye to Grace who is leaving us for greener (at the very least, money-wise!) pastures. She will be missed.



PS. Oh – one more to-do list item:

11. Comb your hair.

How can such short hair be so messy?!? However, as I like to think of this trait as part of my winning charm, I am unlikely to comply with this particular item (besides, I think I may have glued the comb JJ gave me into a mosaic at some point).


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