I’ve been tagged! Crazy Eights

Well, that Joan went and tagged me while I was away (typical lawyer! LOL). In my inimitable passive-aggressive fashion I’ve left off responding until now (kidding – actually, I forgot about it) – but it seems like a decent way to pass part of a Friday afternoon while awaiting the 457th Tenant Advocates’ Summit at the Bar Wellington!

I know that this is one of those tag things, but I’m not going to tag anyone else if only because I’m getting this so late I imagine people have seen it already. If interested, please lift it and maybe you can drop me a line if you post on your blog about it!

Crazy Eights Tag

Eight Things I’m passionate about

(aside from knitting? this one is going to be hard)

(a) Dancing – of all types except hiphop (and probably I’d like that too if I could stand the music). My style is rather freeform and I have not responded well to lessons. In this regard, a coworker and I recently choreographed a mambo.

(b) Mosaic art – check out the sidebar under “Mosaic and other crafts” if you need proof of this. It’s fun – and you get to smash plates!

(c) Treasure hunting – whether it be at the thrift shop, the dollar store or in the shared laundry room in my building. I have other friends who share this love, and so frequently head out with one or more of them.

(d) Freeform Knitting and Crochet – being a long-term pattern slave, I would never have told you two years ago that I would be into this. But it’s fun, especially when I try to combine it with mosaic! And a great stashbuster to boot.

(e) Silk Yarn – well, I’d better say I’m passionate about that, given the increasing collection of it I keep flaunting!!

(f) Politics – or, rather, bitching about politics. In my view, not enough people concern themselves with politics and what their leaders and politicians are (or aren’t) doing. I won’t get into my personal politics here but a glance at the sidebar will likely give you a sense where I’m at.

(g) Neckties – I’ve been collecting them (used, from Goodwill or Value Village) for some time now. Any day, I’m going to start making pretty vests, skirts, quilts etc. with them and hopefully some of it will look as nice as the stuff posted on Woof Nanny’s blog (post dated 10 December). I just need to buy a sewing machine.

(h) Law and Order – not in real life… the television series. One of my deepest darkest secrets is that I am completely addicted to Law and Order in all its flavours. I really don’t know why. Good to knit in front of, though.

Eight Things I want to do before I die

(a) Learn to speak French properly

(b) Go to Scotland and Ireland with JJ.

(c) Go to Australia and meet Susie and Jenny

(d) Go on a yarn road trip with Holly Ogre and Amy.

(e) Learn to knit as quickly as Wannietta

(f) Get accepted by the Ontario Crafts Council.

(g) Get a Master’s degree of some description, and preferably not by mail order.

(h) Once I have learned French properly, get a very high-paying job in Paris and move there.

Eight Things I often say

(a) What a chickenhead.

(b) Wanna go for a smoke, Jennifer?

(c) …eh?

(d) We really must stop watching the CTV evening news, JJ.

(e) A pint of Keith’s and a glass of water, please!

(f) Is it 4:30 yet?

(g) Well, that’s the last time I’m going to buy yarn this [week/month/year], for sure!

(h) aman.

8 Books I’ve recently read or am currently reading

(a) The 100-mile diet: a year of local eating (Alisa Smith and J.B. MacKinnon)

(b) Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (Barbara Kingsolver)

(c) The Tin Roof Blowdown (James Lee Burke)

(d) Fleshmarket Close (Ian Rankin)

(e) Holidays on Ice (David Sedaris)

(f) Tescopoly (Andrew Simms)

(g) The Wal-Mart Effect (Charles Fishman)

(h) Cod (Mark Kurlanski)

8 Songs I could listen to over and over

(a) Shape of My Heart (Sting)

(b) Marrakesh Market (Loreena McKennitt)

(c) Tango to Evora (Loreena McKennitt) and the greek version Tango tis Nefelis (Haris Alexiou)

(d) I’m Gonna Live Until I Die (Frank Sinatra)

(e) Ain’t Love a Kick in the Head (Dean Martin)

(f) anything by George Dalaras (greek singer)

(g) Sound of Silence (Simon and Garfunkel)

(h) Loch Lomond (Runrig)

Eight Things that attract me to my best friends

(a) Intelligence

(b) Self-reflection

(c) Openness to discussing politics without kneejerk reactionism (whether left, right or centre)

(d) Love of dancing

(e) Caring

(f) Wicked and somewhat sarcastic sense of humour, without however bitterness.

(g) Flexibility in thought

(h) Ability to keep wits around themselves when partying.


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